Catamaran Line

Catamaran Line d.o.o. is relatively new ferry / catamaran company, founded in 2017 and based in Split. Besides catamaran transport, they also organize excursions and sea transfers, both on request. As of recently, they offer two regular catamaran lines: Pula – Unije – Susak – Mali Losinj – Ilovik – Silba – Zadar and Split Airport – Split.

Catamaran line Split Airport to Split is especially interesting, as it can be used as an alternative to other transportation means to Split. Besides quick journey to the city, passengers can enjoy a nice view while arriving to Split port. As for the catamaran line 9141, it connects Pula with Zadar, but also with other islands like Losinj, Susak and Ilovik.

Catamaran Line d.o.o. fleet includes three catamarans: “FOR”, “Komiza” and “Bisovo”, able to board 145, 159 and 325 passengers, respectively.

Catamaran Line FAQs

Where can I buy tickets for Catamaran Line routes?

There are selling points in Pula, Mali Losinj and Zadar. There are three locations in Pula to buy tickets, all of them situated near the Pula port. Selling points in Mali Losinj and Zadar are also right next to the ports. Also, you can always buy your ticket online and save yourself some time. For line Split Airport to Split, you can buy your ticket on board, at selling point near Riva or online.

Do I have to buy a separate ticket for small children travelling with me?

Children aged 1-3 can travel free of charge. Children up to 1 years old are not gonna be issued travel ticket, while those up to 3 years-old will get a travel ticket.

Do I have to print the tickets when boarding the catamaran?

If you buy your ticket online, you will receive an email confirmation of bought tickets. After that, you’d need to use that printed confirmation to pick-up tickets in the previously mentioned sales points or directly at catamaran, where you’ll be given a travel card.

How much luggage can I bring onboard?

Each passenger can bring up to 20kg of hand luggage for free. Luggage up to 100kg is transported according to the pricelist for luggage transport. As for the Split Airport – Split line, luggage is free of charge regardless of its size.

Can I bring my pet on board?

Here is an excerpt from Catamaran Line’s restrictions about pets:
Where the boats meet technical conditions (kennels) for transporting pets on board, transporting a pet in a kennel will be charged at 50% of the ticket price per person.
PETS are allowed on board a ferry only if they pose no danger or cause disturbance to the passengers or the boat, and are not allowed in the closed passenger areas. The owners assume the risk of travel, and the responsibility for any damage. Dogs must be muzzled (except guide dogs) and kept on a leash; cats in transport boxes; and birds in cages. Dogs and cats must have appropriate vaccination documents. The Bisovo catamaran includes an appropriate container for pets. Pets are not allowed on board the Broc and Komiza catamarans, except guide dogs for the blind.


  1. Thomas Throop   •  

    How do I purchase online a ticket for Bisovo, Catamaran Line?
    Thank you very much for your help!

    • Dino   •  

      Hello Thomas,

      Due to some technical problems from the catamaran company, tickets can be purchased only at selling points in Pula. Below are the addresses of those selling points:
      A-turizam Istra; Kandlerova 24, Pula
      Simmor d.o.o; Riva-Riječki Gat, Pula
      Libertas d.o.o; Riva 14, Pula

      Best regards,
      FerryCroatia Team

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