Ferry Croatia

With more than 1200 islands, ferries and catamaran are an essential part of the transportation system in Croatia. In additional to domestic ferries, to the Croatian Island, there is also several ferry and catamaran connections from Italy to Croatia, majority of these lines only operate during summer season.

Why Ferry Croatia?

The ferry and catamaran lines in Croatia are operated by about 15 different companies, the main domestic carrier is the company Jadrolinija, often website refer to this page in relation to ferry schedules, but as mentioned this is just one company out of 15 so you will only find some of the ferry routes and timetables on their page, which is reason why we have made www.ferrycroatia.com, here you find ALL ferry timetable, regardless of carrier.

Buying ferry tickets in Croatia

Although there are a few exceptions, the general rule is that International ferry and catamaran departures can be booked online well ahead, for the domestic car ferry lines is it meanwhile also possible to book and reserve tickets on some routes. Alternative to buying tickets online is to go to the ferry terminal/ticket agent which you will find in each ferry port.

Why is it not possible to buy a ticket for a specific domestic car ferry?

The main reason why you can not buy a ticket for a specific departure online is the infrastructure of the ferry ports (Especially the ones on the islands). During the summer season the ports are often full, and there’s lots of traffic on public roads, which makes it very complicated if not impossible to use any other system than the “first in” – “first-out” principle.

Ferry timetables – Seasonal ferries Croatia

The majority of the international ferries only sail during the summer season, which is usually lasts from 1st of May to 30th of September.

Most domestic ferry routes normally (do not apply to all ferry companies) have timetables divided into the following three “seasons”.

  • Main Season – 1st of July to 31 of August.
  • Pre-and after Season. 1st of June to – 30th of June and 1st of September to 30th of September.
  • Out of  Season – 1st of October to 31st of May the following year.

Under our detailed route descriptions below you will find all information about specific routes.

Ferry connections and schedules

Here are some of the most popular ferry and catamaran routes, click on combinations to see schedule, if you are searching for ferry route not listed here, you can use to search form above to find sailing times:

Ferries from Split

Ferries from Dubrovnik

Ferries from Istria region

Ferries from Zadar

Ferry to Islands in Croatia

Do I need to buy tickets for Croatia ferries in advance?

We recommend doing so, especially on the international routes, and routes operated by catamarans that have limited space. 

Can I buy Croatia ferry tickets onboard?

In most cases, you need to buy a ticket either online or at a ticket office. Buying tickets onboard is possible only on a selected boat and catamaran lines.

Where to find the timetable for ferries in Croatia?

The full timetable for all ferry, catamaran, and boat lines in Croatia can be found on our site. Use the search form above to find your desired departures.

How often do ferries depart in the winter season?

In the winter months, ferry departures in Croatia are not as frequent as in the summer. This is due to the decrease of tourists going to Croatian islands. However, you can still travel with Croatian ferries in the winter, you will just have to plan your trip more carefully due to the decrease of lines.

How early should I be at the ferry port?

If you are traveling on a car ferry, we certainly recommend getting there as early as possible, especially from June – September. If you’re a foot passenger, you can be at the ferry port as late as 10 minutes before departure.

What is the difference between a car ferry and a catamaran in Croatia?

Car ferries can transport both foot passengers and vehicles and are generally much slower than catamarans. Catamarans are designed only for foot passengers.

Can foot passengers travel on car ferries in Croatia?

Yes, they can. If you are a foot passenger traveling on a car ferry in Croatia, you don’t have to worry if there will be enough space on the ferry, as there is plenty of space on car ferries for foot passengers.

What happens if I miss my ferry departure?

If you’re traveling with Jadrolinija and miss your departure, you can use your ferry ticket for any departure on that day. Other catamaran companies have their regulation, and generally, with them, you can use your ticket only for the selected departures.

Are ferry tickets in Croatia expensive?

This of course depends on your financial situation, but generally speaking, ferry tickets are affordable. If you are traveling with your car, expect the prices to be significantly higher, as you need to pay a ferry ticket for your vehicle too.

Can I bring my bike and pet to ferries in Croatia?

This depends on the ferry company. Each company has its own rules and regulations, but generally, it is possible to bring your pets and a bike on board (with probable extra fees).  We recommend checking this information before your departure.