Ferry Croatia to Italy

Travelling by ferry from Croatia to Italy is often the easiest and fastest way of moving between the countries. Especially if you are going from the central or southern part of Croatia to central and southern Italy. The car ferry connection from Split to Ancona is available year-round, the passenger-only ferries only operate in the period from May to October, some even only in July and August. 

Car ferry from Croatia to Italy

There are 3 possible car ferry connections between Italy and Croatian. The most northern one is from Zadar to Ancona, during the summer season there are 4 weekly departures. In middle Dalmatia there is a car ferry from Split to Ancona, this route is operated by more companies during the summer season, bringing the total weekly departures up to 7. The most southern connection is between Dubrovnik and Bari, this one also operates 4 times a week during the summer season. Most of the ferries sail overnight, with arrival in Italy in the early morning hours. It’s not possible to rent a cabin on the ferries.

Croatian ports with ferry to Italy

Below you can find a list of the ports in Croatia, which has a ferry connection to Italy.


From Umag there is a fast ferry connection to Venice from June to September operated by Venezialine, this line operates once per week. In July and August, there is also a weekly line operated by Adriatic Lines.

Umag – Venice Venice – Umag


From Porec there is a fast ferry connection to Venice and to Trieste during the summer season. The route between Porec and Venice is available from May to September, in July and August there are daily departures. For the catamaran you can book a regular one way ticket if you are transferring from Croatia to Italy. If you are staying in Porec and want to see Venice the ferry company offers special day trip tickets.

Porec – Venice Porec – Trieste
Venice – Porec Trieste – Porec


Like from Porec there is also a fast ferry connection to Venice and to Trieste from Rovinj during the summer season, in addition there is also a weekly connection from Rovinj to Cesenatico near Rimini. The line between Rovinj and Trieste is operated by Libertylines, the ferry route from Rovinj to Venice is operated by Venezialines and Adriatic lines, both companies offer day trip tickets and regular one way and return tickets. The day trip tickets do not allow any luggage, so they can not be used for transferring to Italy


From Pula it is also possible to travel to Venice. From June to September, there are up to 7 weekly departures between the cities. The route is operated by Venezialine and Adriatic Line. In August there is also a fast ferry from Pula to Pesaro operated by Gomo Viaggi. This route is a great option if you are going to the Italian Adriatic coast near Rimini.

Pula – Venice Pula – Pesaro
Venice – Pula Pesaro – Pula


In earlier years Venezialine used to have a weekly catamaran between Rabac and Venice, this connection is no longer part of their route network.

Mali Losinj

From the end of June to the beginning of September Gomo Viaggi has a fast ferry connection from Mali Losinj to Cesenatico or Pesaro. In July and August the route is operated twice a week.


Gomo Viaggi operates a catamaran between Rab and Cesenatico or Pesaro. The line is operated in August. 


The catamaran between Novalja and Cesenatico or Pesaro is operated in the busiest weeks of the summer usually from mid /end July to the end of August.


Zadar is one of only 3 cities that has car ferry connection to Italy, the ferry company Jadrolinija operate a car ferry from Zadar to Ancona, in July and August the line operates up to 4 times a week, the ferry sails overnight leaving Zadar in the evening hours and arrive in Ancona in the early morning hours. If you are staying in the north and eastern part of Croatia this ferry connection is the most optimal one.


The ferry connection Split to Ancona is the most important ferry connection between Croatia and Italy. The Croatian ferry company Jadrolinija operates a whole year connection, with up to 4 weekly departures in the summer season. Additionally, the ferry company SNAV operates a car ferry on the route during the summer season. All ferry departures sail overnight, seating is included, but you can rent a cabin if you wish to sleep in a bed during your travel.


The company GSTravel used to operate a fast ferry from Ploce to Termoli, due to Coronavirus the lines has been cancelled for 2020, it’s currently not clear if the route will return for the 2021 season.


If you are travelling from South Croatia to the southern part of Italy the ferry connection between Dubrovnik and Bari is ideal. The ferry route operates most of the year, and it has has up to 4 weekly departures.

FAQ ferry Croatia to Italy

Are there any border restrictions between the two countries?

As Italy is part of Shengen and Croatia is not, there is a border control where you will have to show your passport.

How long time does it take to sail from Croatia to Italy

That depends which connection you are travelling with, the fastest route is the one from Istria to Venice, which takes about 3 hours. The longest routes are the car ferries travelling overnight, they have a travel time of about 10 hours.

Is the ferry cheaper than driving by car?

Depends from where to where you are travelling and how many people there are in the car.

Can I bring my dog on the ferry to Italy?

You can bring your dog to the car ferries.

Map ferry Croatia to Italy

On the map below you can see the ferry ports in Croatia and Italy which can be sailed to and from, the Croatian ports (marked purple) and the Italian ports (marked orange) are ports for fast ferry connection. The dark red and brown ports are car ferry ports. To see departures from a specific Croatian port, click on the port icons to see possible destinations in Italy.