G&V Line Zadar

G&V Line Iadera d.o.o is a ferry company based in Zadar. The company mainly operates high-speed ferry and ship routes to several of the small Islands in the Zadar archipelago, like Island Iz, as well as to Rijeka, Rab and Zadar. The current scheduled sailing routes are the following:

  • Ship line no.405: Rava – Iž – Zadar
  • Ship line no.406:  Zadar – Sali – Zaglav
  • Catamaran line no.9406: Zadar – Sali – Zaglav
  • Catamaran line Rijeka – Krk – Lopar (Rab) – Silba – Zadar

The fleet of G&V Line Iadera currently consist of 3 vessels, the high-speed catamaran Antonija, the motor ship Anamarija and the fast ferry Melita. The vessels can transport between 180 to 250 passengers with luggage.

G&V Line Iadera FAQs

Where can I buy tickets for the G&V Line Iadera routes?

You can buy tickets online. In Zadar there’s a ticket office close to where the catamaran departs. On other destinations tickets can be bought via sales agents or from the crew before boarding, but please note in that case they only accept cash payment (only in Croatian Kuna).

Is there outside seating on the vessels?

Only on the motor ship Anamarija, the other vessels travel too fast.

How much time before departure should I be at the port?

The recommendation is at least 30 minutes before departure.

Can I reserve seats next to each other on the G&V Line Iadera vessels?

No, on the boats there is free seating, so if you are family or group traveling, you should be early in line for the embarkation to secure your seats.

How much luggage can I bring onboard?

Luggage is limited to 1 piece of hand luggage and 1 larger bag/suitcase up to 20kg.

Can I bring my pet on the catamaran?

Here’s an excerpt from G&V Line Iadera terms regarding pets:
Pets up to 7 kilos are allowed to stay in the passenger lounge, only with their owner at all times, and not on the seats but next to the owner´s seat. The capacity for transport of pets (dogs) heavier than 7 kilos is limited to a maximum of 2 per journey. Animal transport shall be paid on the ship when boarding (payment: cash only / currency: kuna).

Can I bring my bicycle on the catamaran?

Yes, you can, but note there’s limited space for bikes (20 bicycles max for the entire catamaran). You will need to pay extra for bicycle transport, paying is done when boarding, in Croatian Kuna.

Can I buy drinks and snacks onboard?

Yes, but only on the ships Antonija and Anamarija.

I bought a ticket online on the G&V Line Iadera website, but the ticket has the wrong travel date, what should I do?

You can check the terms for amending a ticket here.

Popular routes by G&V Line Iadera

Zadar – Rijeka Zadar – Lopar (Rab) Zadar – Krk
Zadar – Rava Zadar – Sali (Dugi Otok) Zadar – Zaglav (Dugi Otok)
Zadar – Silba Zadar – Veli Iž Rijeka – Lopar (Rab)



  1. BUHOUR Yves

    Pour préparer mon voyage en Croatie, j’ai trouvé sur le site Web “Rome2rio” une liaison par ferry: Rijeka/Krk/Rab/Zadar le dimanche 2 octobre 22: départ de Rijeka à 17:30, arrivée à Zadar 21:45 et la même liaison le mercredi 5 octobre 22: départ de Rijeka à 15:30, arrivée à Zadar à 19:45.
    Je n’ai pas retrouvé ces liaisons sur le site Web “G&V line ladera”.
    Ces liaisons existeront elles ou bien s’agit il d’une erreur dans les dates?

    • Maja


      si vous ne trouvez pas l’horaire de la ligne pour octobre sur le site officiel de G&V Line, il est fort probable que l’horaire pour cette période soit encore inconnu.

      Ferry Croatia

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