Adriatic lines

Adriatic lines is a local ferry company within Kompas d.o.o. travel agency based in Istria region. Currently, the agency offers catamaran connections to Venice from four major ports in Istria –  ferry port Pula, ferry port Rovinj, ferry port Poreč, and ferry port Umag.

Their only catamaran “Prince of Venice” is recognizable for being white with blue bottom and a big compas logo of the agency across the side.

Popular ferry routes operated by Adriatic lines

Pula – Venice Rovinj – Venice Porec – Venice
Venice – Pula Venice – Rovinj Venice – Porec

Adriatic lines FAQs

What is Adriatic lines?

Adriatic lines is a ferry service that provides transportation across the Adriatic Sea, connecting destinations within the region. It typically operates routes between towns in Istria, Croatia, such as  Pula, Rovinj, Poreč and Umag, and Venice, Italy. The service offers a convenient and scenic way to cross the Adriatic Sea, especially during the tourist season from late April to early October.

Is there a ferry from Croatia to Italy?

There is a ferry from Croatia to Italy, and Adriatic lines by Kompas offer various catamaran connections from Croatia to Italy.

Where can I buy tickets for Adriatic lines ferry?

Tickets for ferry can be bought in offices of the company, but if you want to buy ticket in advance there is an option to buy tickets online for all ferries operated by this company.

Can I bring my pet to the ferry?

According to the company’s “Terms and conditions” there are special rules that apply for pets:

  • If you are travelling with your pets please be sure to be in possession of the international passport for animals.
  • Cats need to be transported in appropriate cages.
  • Dogs cannot be larger than 60 cm in length and 50 cm in height (from head down). All dogs must be in possession of a leash and a mouth muzzle.
  • All animals have to be announced at time of booking.
  • Pets are subject to an additional cost of €10.00 per pet.

Can I take the car to Adriatic lines ferry?

Adriatic lines ferries are passenger – only ferries, meaning that you can’t bring your car on a ferry.

How much luggage can I bring on ferry?

Passengers who buy either one-way or round-trip tickets are allowed to bring: one piece of checked luggage without any specific size or weight restrictions, and one piece of carry-on luggage that must not exceed the dimensions of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and a weight limit of 10kg.

Venice ferry port

Venice ferry port