Venezia Lines

Venezia Lines is a fast ferry company founded in 2003. The company primarily operates ferry lines in Northern Adriatic, and connects Venice with several Croatian and Slovenian ports. More specifically, the company has several ferry lines connecting Venice with Croatian cities:

Venice – Rovinj

Venice – Porec

Venice – Pula

Venice – Umag

Rovinj – Venice

Porec – Venice

Pula – Venice

Umag – Venice

At the time, Venezia Lines routes to these cities are operational only between April and October. The company also offers day trips and transportation for special occasions. 
Venezia Lines currently has 2 passenger-only fast ferries which operate on Northern Adriatic routes – “San Frangisk” and “San Pawl”. Both catamarans can board up to 310 passengers each, and you can recognize them by large orange VENEZIA LINES sign at the side and on the front of the vessels. Also, catamarans have bars, so you can grab a drink while traveling.

Venezia Lines FAQs

Where can I buy tickets for SNAV ferry and catamaran routes?

Tickets for all departures can be bought online, which is recommended to do. Also, tickets can be bought at selling points at all ports, but note there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to buy ticket there, due to a lot of passengers taking these lines in summer season. Therefore, it’s recommended to buy your ticket in advance.

Do I have to print my ticket before boarding?

It’s recommended to print your ticket, but you can also show it to the crew via your smartphone.

How much luggage can I bring on board?

Each passenger can bring one piece of hand luggage free of charge, but it has to be up to 10kg in weight. Everything above that weight has to be paid for separately. At ferry cruises, hand luggage can be brought into cabins, while on high-speed vessels luggage is stored at designated area. Also, passengers can bring one piece of check-in luggage (regardless of size and weight) free of charge. If you’re bringing more than one piece of check-in luggage, you’ll have to pay an extra 10€ (20€ if you’re paying on check-in)

Can I bring my pet on board?

Yes, you can. Here’s the excerpt from Venezia Lines terms and conditions about pets:
All animals must be in possession of the international passport for animals and should be in possession of all vaccines required by both the point of origin and the destination port.
Cats need to be transported in appropriate cages.
Dogs cannot be larger than 60 cm in length and 50 cm in height (from the head down).
All dogs must be in possession of a leash and a mouth muzzle. A leash wrapped around the mouth of the dog is not considered as a mouth muzzle.
All animals have to be announced at the time of booking.
It is important to know that you may not be seated next to your pet during the voyage.

Can I bring my bicycle on board?

Yes, you can bring your bike on board Venezia Lines catamarans, but note there’s limited space for storing bikes. Also, an additional cost of 10€ needs to be payed.

Which documents I need when traveling on Venezia Lines routes?

When traveling to Venice from Croatian ports (and vice versa), you need a passport or an identity card valid for foreign travel. The passport has to be valid fo at least 90 days from the return date. If you’re documents are expiring soon, it’s recommended to renew them on time. Driver’s licence is not a valid travel document for these routes.

How early should I be at the port?

It’s recommended to be at the port as early as possible. Passengers need to check-in before boarding the catamaran. In all ports, check-in starts an houre before departure, and it ends 15 minutes before departure. Also, Venezia Lines recommends to double check the time/date of vessel departure at least 24h before departure.


  1. Paul Greenwood

    I imagine the ferries are not currently running because of Covid.
    Do you have a date yet for when they will start?

    • Maja

      Dear Paul,

      Venezia Lines and Adriatic Lines usually operate between Venice and Rovinj, however, it looks like none of them have scheduled departures in May yet, but do offer some in June. So that’s when they will hopefully start operating.
      We suggest you keep following our website as we will update it accordingly.

      Best regards,
      FerryCroatia Team

  2. Erhan

    I would like ask that
    I will be working there and i will get my residency card and i will want to wisit Venice if no need any Schengen visa
    Because I have Turkish passport an i will have only work permit in croatia
    Please let me know is it possible or not to visit Venice ?
    Thank you

    • Maja

      Dear Erhan,

      According to the official sources, if you possess a residence document (national residence permit) issued under national rules by a Schengen country and you are travelling to a Schengen country, you don’t need a visa.

      Best regards,
      FerryCroatia Team

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