SNAV S.p.A. is an Italian ferry / catamaran company based in Napoli, offering regular departures to Croatia, Spain, Tunisia and Morocco. Besides domestic routes, the company’s most frequent ferry line is Ancona to Split. During summer season, there are at least 2 daily departures from Split to Ancona, and the other way around.

Company’s fleet includes catamarans, hydrofoils and high-speed cruise ferries, with the latest able to transport both vehicles and people. Ferry is recognizable by the large SNAV sign written at the side of the boat. As for the amenities – cruise ferries have sleeping cabins for up to four people, with some of them offering a nice view. Ferries also have coffee bars, restaurant, washroom and access for disabled. Catamarans and hydrofoils don’t have sleeping cabins and restaurant, but offer all the other amenities like cruise ferry.


Where can I buy tickets for SNAV ferry and catamaran routes?

Tickets for all departures can be bought online, which is recommended to do. For Split – Ancona line, tickets can also be bought at Split port sales point, but note there could be traffic jams, especially during summer. Always buy your ticket on time.

How much luggage can I bring on board?

Each passenger can bring one piece of hand luggage free of charge, but it has to be up to 9kg in weight. Everything above that weight has to be paid for separately. At ferry cruises, hand luggage can be brought into cabins, while on high-speed vessels luggage is stored at designated area.

Can I bring my pet on board?

Yes, you can. Here’s the excerpt from SNAV terms and conditions about pets. For more information, check the company’s website or send an inquiry via email:
Granted otherwise the provisions set forth by law, pets are allowed on the cruise ferries (e.g. cats, dogs, etc.). In order to be allowed on-board, in general all pets shall hold a ticket, veterinary certification stating they are in good health and they must have undergone the prophylaxis for external parasites. Dogs must be registered with the Canine Registry.
In order to comply with hygienic-health provisions, pets shall travel in the kennel or specific cabins (in the maximum number of 2 pets per cabin).

Can I bring my bicycle on board?

Yes, you can bring your bike on board SNAV cruise ferry, but note it could be subject of additional charges, so make sure to double check the prices before departure.

Which documents I need when traveling on Ancona – Split (and vice versa) SNAV line?

You need a passport or an identity card valid for foreign travel. The passport has to be valid fo at least 90 days from the return date. If you’re documents are expiring soon, it’s recommended to renew them on time. If you’re travelling with a car, you need: driver’s licence, vehicle registration document and insurance papers.

How early should I be at the port?

For Ancona – Split route, it’s recommended to be at the Ancona port as early as possible. SNAV recommends that “check-in time is must report at least 3 hours before departure”. Please note that before boarding the ferry, you’d need to go to terminal check-in and get your boarding pass there.


  1. Kaira Graler

    Were is the location of departure? If I click on maps in the email I don’t get to see the location of departure.

    • Morten

      Hi Kaira,

      you are sailing from Split Port?

      If you are at the port, just go to the main terminal building, outside of the building there is a Electronical board listing from where the different ferries departure.

  2. Monica

    What is the *actual address* of the port in Split and the port in Ancona? I cannot find this important information anywhere.

    • Maja

      Hi Monica,

      if you type Gat Sv. Petra, 21000, Split in Gmaps, it should point you to the exact pier from where the ferry departs to Ancona.
      In Ancona, that address should be Molo Santa Maria, 60121 Ancona AN, Italy.

      Ferry Croatia Team

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