Island Rava

Island Rava is a small island in the Zadar archipelago, it is located between Island Dugi Otok and Island Iž. The island is only about 4 km2, it is about 5 km long and its width is between 50 metres and 1.2 km. The whole year population on the island is less than 200, so if you are looking for a quiet place for your holiday, Island Rava is indeed an option.

There are two settlements on the island, Rava and Mala Rava, Rava is located in the center of the Island and Mala Rava at the north end, both settlements are port towns.

Getting to Island Rava

Island Rava is connected to the mainland via a daily fast ferry/catamaran a motor ship and a car ferry which operates 1-3 days a week depending on the time of the year.

The daily catamaran sails the following route.

Zadar – Mali Iž – Veli Iž – Mala Rava – Rava (Line number 9405)

The car ferry operates 3 times a week in July, August, 2 times a week in June and September, and once a week for the rest of the year, the car ferry has the following sailing route.

Zadar (Gaženica) – Brsanj (Iž) – Rava – Mala Rava. (Line number 435)

The motor ship (Line number 405) sails the same route as the catamaran but is a bit slower (about 2 hours, catamaran 1 hour 30 minutes from Zadar)

You can see the timetable for a catamaran, motor ship and car ferry here. You can also book your tickets from the following links:

Zadar – Rava Zadar – Mala Rava Veli Iz – Rava Brsanj – Rava
Rava – Zadar Mala Rava – Zadar Rava – Veli Iz Rava – Brsanj

Price ferry Zadar Rava / Mala Rava

As the ferries which sail to the island are state sub vented it is amazingly cheap to get there, a one-way adult ticket with the catamaran from Zadar to Rava or Mala Rava cost about 40 Kunas in the main season, 30 Kuna in the shoulder season and about 20 Kunas in the winter season.

A one-way adult ticket with the car ferry cost approx. 28 Kuna in the main season and 23 Kuna in the winter season, price for bringing a car start from cca. 130 Kuna one way