Smaller Ferry Companies

Below you can find a list of smaller ferry companies in Croatia, along with the lines/routes they serve. All of them are local companies which operate a couple of routes from and to Croatian islands. Tickets for routes can usually be bought either on board or at the ferry ports where boats dock.

KTD Bilan

KTD Bilan is a small, privately-owned ferry company based in Orebic, and currently offering only one regular ferry route: Orebic – Korcula. Taking the mentioned route No. 614 can get you from Orebic port to Korcula Town port in about 15 minutes. The company’s fleet includes 2 foot passenger only ferries, named “Tamaris” and “Lovor”, recognizable by either their name or the route name written on the side.

Porat Ilovik

Porat Ilovik is a small, local shipping company founded in 2000 and based in Ilovik. The company currently serves one ferry route – No. 311 Ilovik – Mrtvaska. This route connects Losinj Island and Ilovik port on the Ilovik Island, and the journey takes about 10 minutes. In the high season, the company offers up to 5 departures per day. There’s only one boat operating in the company’s fleet – named “TIM-G”. You can recognize it by its white colour, and the sign written on the side.

RPZ Vrgada

RPZ Vrgada is a small, local company founded in 1909 in Biograd na Moru. The company has been operating in maritime transport since 1963, and today they have one ferry route active. Route No. 415 Vrgada – Pakostane – Biograd connects Vrgada Island with Biograd ferry port. As for the fleet, the company has one boat available –  “Vrgada” catamaran, capable of carrying up to 128 passengers. You can recognize it by its fully white color, and the boat’s name, written on the wing.

Nauticki Centar Komiza

Nauticki Centar Komiza is a small, local ferry company based in Komiza, Vis Island. Currently, the company services only one ferry route – No. 612 Komiza – Bisevo. The route connects Komiza town on Vis Island with Porat on Bisevo Island. The company’s fleet includes only one boat – “Sveti Salvestar”, recognizable by its fully white color and the name written at the rear part of the boat. Boat can transport only foot passengers, and it has limited space for about 15 passengers only.

Adriatic Lines

Adriatic Lines is a local ferry company within Kompas d.o.o. travel agency based in Istria region. Currently, the agency offers catamaran connections to Venice from four major ports in Istria – Pula, Rovinj, Poreč and Umag. Their only catamaran “Prince of Venice” is recognizable for being white with blue bottom and a big compas logo of the agency across the side.

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