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During the summer season, the ferry route Hvar to Split is one of the most popular on the Adriatic coast. Every day over 1500 people are traveling from Hvar town to the Dalmatian capital Split. The ferry routes are served by different ferry companies, which all operate the ferry route with catamarans (passenger-only fast boats). The sailing time of the routes is about 1 hour. The majority of the routes are direct catamarans which only sail between Hvar and Split and the opposite direction. However, some of the departures are with catamarans arriving from Vis, Korcula, or Dubrovnik and then continuing to Split.

Hvar town Split , 2023-06-07

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06:35 Hvar town
1h 05m
07:40 Split
9 EUR per passenger

11:30 Hvar town
1h 05m
12:35 Split
20 EUR per passenger

12:45 Hvar town
1h 05m
13:50 Split
20 EUR per passenger

19:10 Hvar town
1h 20m
20:30 Split
20 EUR per passenger

Operational intervals
28.04. - 15.10.


TP Line
07:50 Hvar town
0h 55m
08:45 Split
26 USD per passenger

Krilo - Kapetan Luka
10:15 Hvar town
0h 40m
10:55 Split
26 USD per passenger

Krilo - Kapetan Luka
13:15 Hvar town
0h 50m
14:05 Split
26 USD per passenger

Krilo - Kapetan Luka
14:35 Hvar town
15:35 Split
26 USD per passenger

Krilo - Kapetan Luka
19:00 Hvar town
0h 50m
19:50 Split
26 USD per passenger

Krilo - Kapetan Luka
19:40 Hvar town
20:40 Split
26 USD per passenger

Krilo - Kapetan Luka
Please Note: Operating ferry company reserves the right to alter sailing times. We do our utmost to ensure the accuracy of the information provided here on Ferrycroatia, but is recommended to check all schedules/timetables with the operating ferry company.

Map travel route Hvar town - Split

Hvar to Split ferry FAQs

How long is the ferry route from Split to Hvar?

The sailing time between Split and Hvar is about 60 minutes.

Why are there fewer ferry departures in October between Hvar and Split?

In the winter there are only a few departures, mainly adapted to the needs of the people living on Island Hvar. However, during summer there are additional routes which are adapted to tourist visiting.

Can you reserve a seat on the ferry from Hvar to Split?

No, unfortunately not, there are seats for all passengers on the catamaran, but seating is free. So if you are with a group, and want to have seats next to each other, you need to make sure to be first in line for the embarkation.

Where in Hvar is the ferry departure point?

All catamarans, regardless of the operating company, a departure from the end of the east side of the Hvar port, close to the Carpe Diem bar.

Is there a taxi stand near the ferry departure point?

No, unfortunately not, the catamaran departures from a walking zone, the closest drop point by a taxi is about 500 meters away.

Can I buy a ticket on the ferry?

No, you need to buy a ticket either online or from one of the selling points at the Hvar Riva. Be aware that in summer catamarans are often sold out, so buy the ticket at least one day ahead.

Does the ferry on Hvar to Split route has a toilet?

Yes, there is a toilet on all catamarans sailing between these destinations.

Is the ticket for ferry Hvar to Split cheaper if bought in advance?

No, usually there is no difference in the price, except when there are occasional online special offers.

How to get from Split Airport to Hvar?

You meanwhile have a few catamaran departures which continue to Split airport, so that is one option. Another option is once you arrive in Split to take the airport bus from the Split bus station.

Can you do a day trip to Hvar from Split?

Yes, you can do a day trip to Hvar by ferry. There are several departures in the early morning hours, and the last ferries back to Split depart in the evening. Therefore, you could have basically an entire day to enjoy Hvar.

2023 Hvar to Split Ferry Prices

The ferry price range from 10 Euro up to 20 Euro depending on the carrier and the boat type.

KAPETAN LUKA – KRILO tickets cost 18-20 Euro

JADROLINIJA ferry tickets cost about 10 Euro, while catamaran / fast ferry tickets cost 18 Euro.

TP LINE tickets cost 18-20 Euro.

ADRIATIC FAST FERRIES tickets cost 16 Euro.

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