Island Lopud

The Island Lopud is the middle of the 3 Elaphiti Islands located north of Dubrovnik, the Island is a great place for a totally relaxing holiday. The Island has only about 250 whole year residents, but in the summer month, this number increases considerably with people staying in the many apartments, the Lafodia Resort hotel, or one of the other small hotels on the Island.

What to see or do on Lopud

Despite the island being less than 5 km2 big it has more than 1 km of Sandy beaches which is somewhat a contrast to the beaches in Dubrovnik which are mainly pebble, the main beach on the Island is Šunj located in a bay on the southeast side of the Island.

The main settlement Lopud, is located in the bay on the northwestern side of the Island, in the settlement, there is a Franciscan monastery from the 15th century. In Lopud there is also a nice seaside promenade, with plenty of restaurants and coffee bars.

At a high point of the island, you can find the ruins of Fortress Sutvrac, from where there is a great view on the Lopud bay, the fortress is about 15-20 minutes walk/hike from Lopud, the Island also have several small churches which required a bit of exploring to get to.

How to get to Lopud

There is 2 official ferry route to Island Lopud, which are the following

Jadrolinija 831: Dubrovnik – Lopud – Šuđurađ

Jadrolinija 807: Dubrovnik – Koločep – Lopud – Šipan

Both lines operate the whole year, during the summer season there is up to 5 daily ferries between Dubrovnik and Lopud, here you can see the timetable for travel options to and from Lopud, and also book tickets directly.

Dubrovnik – Lopud Sudurad – Lopud Kolocep – Lopud
Lopud – Dubrovnik Lopud – Sudurad Lopud – Kolocep

In addition to the ferries, there are usually also smaller boats to/from Tresteno (Game of Throne Location) on the mainland and from Island Sipan.

Day trip to Lopud

If you are staying in Dubrovnik and want to spend a day on the sandy beach Sunj, you can use the ferries to get to and from the Island, alternatively, if you don’t want to spend a whole day on Lopud, there are several organized tours from Dubrovnik, which include a visit to the Island.