Island Prvic

Located a swimming distance from Vodice in Croatia, the Island Prvic can be found (“Prvić” means the first, in reference to the Island being the first of the coast from Vodice 🙂 ). The Island which is less than 3 km2 big, is a great spot for a quiet holiday. On Prvic Island there is a year-round population of about 400 persons, during summer quite a bit more. The Island has two settlement, the largest one is Sepurine which is located on the west side of the island, the other village is Prvic Luka at the south end of the Island, there is a road between the settlements but walking is also possible as it only a distance of 1.5 Km between the villages.

Visiting Island Prvic

If you are looking to spend your holiday on an Island enjoying great parties, you should probably take a look at Island Hvar or Island Brac as Prvic Island has very little to offer in that direction, but if you are looking for a peaceful place to spend your holiday you will enjoy Island Prvic.

The Island does not have many sights to offer, but there are a few historical churches and a memorial center for Faust Vrančić, a Bishop and Inventor whose family used to own the Island.

Beaches can be found in many places on the island, most are pebble beaches. 

Shopping options are available in both Sepurine and Prvice Luka, both settlements also have several coffee bars and restaurants, so cooking at the apartment is not necessary 🙂

Getting to Island Prvic

As mentioned, you can actually swim to Island Prvic, but if you are visiting for a holiday you are probably looking for a more convenient way of getting to the Island.

Jadrolinija ferry route Nr 505, is the one serving the route Vodice – Prvic, the sailing route is Vodice – Prvic – Zlarin and Sibenik, which means you can also get to Island Prvic directly from Sibenik.

The Ferry route is operated with a Passenger ship, which means you can not bring your car to the Island, in July and August there is up to 4 daily departures between Vodice and Prvic and up to 5 departures between Prvic and Sibenik. In June and September as well as the rest of the year, there are up to 3 daily departures between Prvic and Vodice and up to 5 daily between Sibenik and Prvic. Most departures stop at the ports in both Prvic Luka and Sepurine, but a few only sail to and from the port in Sepurine. Ferry tickets, departures to and from Sepurine you can see here:

Vodice – Sepurine Sibenik – Sepurine Zlarin – Sepurine
Sepurine – Vodice Sepurine – Sibenik Sepurine – Zlarin

And here you have an option to buy ferry tickets to and from Prvic Luka:

Vodice – Prvic Luka Sibenik – Prvic Luka Zlarin – Prvic Luka
Prvic Luka – Vodice Prvic Luka – Sibenik Prvic – Zlarin