Supetar ferry port

Supetar is a town located on the north side of the island of Brač and it’s the main port of the island, the direct ferry connection with the city of Split.

Getting to and from Supetar port

Supetar is considered the capital of the island of Brač. If you’re staying anywhere in Supetar, you’ll can walk to the ferry terminal (max distance 1.5 km), if you carry luggage you can normally also arrange a pick up by your landlord, or you can take a taxi.  If you’re staying somewhere else on the island of Brač, it’s pretty easy to reach Supetar by bus, The main bus station of the town is located 2 minutes from the ferry terminal. For the exact location you can click on this link:

Getting from Supetar to Split Airport

If you are traveling to the Split Airport from Supetar, with a taxi or transfer from the Split ferry terminal to the airport, you will need about 1 hour and 45 minutes If you go by airport bus the trip might take longer, depending on the departure time of the bus. If money is not an issue, you can also book a fast boat transfer directly from Supertar to Split airport, which lasts for around 30 minutes.

Supetar port facilities

As already mentioned above, Supetar ferry terminal is located close to the town centre and the main promenade by the sea. There’s a ticket office right at the ferry terminal and many facilities nearby: restaurants, bars, kiosks, shops, souvenir stands, etc.

Supetar port location

D113 14

21400 Supetar (Brač)

GPS co-ordinates: 43.38582, 16.55373


List of the routes

→ Car ferry: Supetar (Brač) – Split