Island Iz

The Island Iž is a small island in the Zadar archipelago, it is located about 10 km air distance and 20 km sailing distance from Zadar.  The Island which has a whole year population of fewer than 700 people, is a popular destination for sailing boats. The 18 km2 large Island is about 12 km long and 1.5 km wide.

The main settlement on the island is Veli Iž, the second most important settlement is Mali Iž, additionally, the following small settlements can be found on the island, Drage near Veli Iž and Muće, Makovac, Knež, Porovac, Dolinje near Mali Iž. All are located on the east coast towards Island Ugljan.

Getting to Island Iž

Island Iž is connected to Zadar on the mainland year-round, additionally, there is a whole-year connection to Rava Island, which is located west of Iž.

The connection to the Island consists of a car ferry and a fast ferry/catamaran.

The car ferry sail between Zadar(Gaženica) and the port Bršanj, which is located southeast on the Island Iž, the car ferry operates daily, during the summer season some weekdays have two departures. The car ferry has a sailing time of 1 hour and 15 minutes, timetable and tickets from Zadar(Gaženica) to Bršanj.

The Catamaran which also operates year-round, sails between Zadar (old town) and Mali Iž and continues from there on to Veli Iž, after the two stops at Island Iž the catamaran continues to Island Rava.

Timetable between Zadar and Mali Iž

Timetable between Zadar and Veli Iž

The sailing time of the catamaran from Zadar to Mail Iž is 35 minutes, between Zadar and Veli Iž the sailing time is 55 minutes.

Prices ferry Zadar to Island Iž

Getting to Iž is quite affordable, a one-way adult ticket from Zadar to Mali or Veli Iž, costs about 40 kuna in the main season, 30 kuna in the shoulder season and 20 kuna in the winter season.

A one-way ticket with the car ferry from Zadar to Bršanj cost 24 Kuna in the summer season and 20 Kuna in the winter season, the transportation of a regular vehicle cost 130 Kuna one way, prices for other vehicle types you can see here:

Island Iz - Ferry Price 2022