Island Sipan

Island Sipan is the largest of the 3 Elaphiti Islands located north of Dubrovnik, the island which is about 16km2 in size only has a whole year population of about 400 people, during summer there is, of course, more people on the island, but it is by no means crowded, so if you are looking for a peaceful spot, Island Sipan is for sure something to consider.  

The Island has two settlements/villages Sudurad (on Croatian Suđurađ) at the south end of the Island towards Island Lopud and the larger Sipanska Luka (Šipanska Luka) on the west side of the Island, the distance between the two settlements is about 5 km. The connection between the two villages runs in a valley, where Wine, Olives and Citrus is grown, the rest of the island has a lot of hills, the highest point is 247 meter above sea level, so there is plenty of spots with a great view to the nearby Island Jakljan, Island Lopud, Island Mljet and the mainland. 

Visiting Island Sipan – good to know

Accommodation on Island Sipan can be found in both Sudurad and Sipanska Luka, if you like to stay in a hotel you can choose between the hotel Bozica in Sudurad and the hotel Sipan in Sipanska Luka alternative you have several private apartments and a few holiday house to choose between.

Despite Island Sipan having a long history as an inhabited island, there are not many significant sights, but what you could see is the Skočibuha Palace, other things you could do during your stay is to go hiking around the Island, there are several marked trails. Also do not forget to visit Restaurant Bowa which is a unique experience.

In terms of beaches you have plenty of options around the Island, ranging from the most popular ones in Sudurad and Sipanska Luka to beaches in more remote and hard reach places, ask the locals for advice once there.

Shopping is possible in both Sipanska Luka and Sudurad, in both villages there are also plenty of coffee bars and restaurants. TIP: As the majority of the people living on Island Sipan are fishermen, eating fish there is not a bad idea.

You can visit Island Sipan from Dubrovnik on a day trip, you can either arrange it yourselves or join one of the excursions offered from Dubrovnik. The cheapest way is to arrange it yourselves.

Getting to Island Sipan

Both Sudurad and Sipanska Luka are port villages, Sudurad is the main port, it is connected to the mainland with the following ferry routes.

Car ferry route 831: Dubrovnik – Lopud – Šuđurađ

Passenger Ship route 807: Dubrovnik – Koločep – Lopud – Šipan

Both routes operates year round, during June, July, August and September, the car ferry sails up to 2 times daily and the passenger ship up to 4 times daily, rest of the year there are up to 5 daily connections from Dubrovnik, you can see more info about the timetables and buy tickets here.

Dubrovnik – Sudurad Lopud – Sudurad Kolocep – Sudurad
Sudurad – Dubrovnik Sudurad – Lopud Sudurad – Kolocep

The ferry connection to Sipanska Luka is a fast ferry / catamaran operated by G&V line, the catamaran sails daily year round, you can see timetable for travel options and buy tickets from Sipanska Luka here:

Dubrovnik – Sipanska Luka Mljet – Sipanska Luka
Sipanska Luka Dubrovnik Sipanska Luka – Mljet