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Jadrolinija is the main ferry company in Croatia. The company has more than 100 year long history. It is based in Rijeka, but operates from all four major ports in Croatia – Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.
In total the company has more than 50 car ferries, catamarans, fast ferries and ships in operation. Some ships in the fleet are older boats which used to sail for other companies. However, Jadrolinija also has many new ferries which operate on specific routes, such as ferries used between Split and Supetar.

Jadrolinija operates many government subvented lines to ensure that the islands are connected to the mainland. This means not just summer routes, but also routes in the offseason and winter, when there are not that many tourists. In addition, it also operates majority of the ferry lines between Croatia and Italy, which includes Zadar to Ancona, Split to Ancona and Dubrovnik to Bari routes.

Jadrolinija FAQs

Can I bring my pet on the Jadrolinija ferry or catamaran?

According to the Jadrolinija Terms of transportation the following rules apply for pets:
“Pets may be carried only if they do not pose a threat or disturbance for passengers or the ship, and may not be taken into closed passenger areas. Owners take responsibility for all travel risks and for any damages. Dogs must wear a muzzle (with the exception of guide dogs) and be on a leash, cats in travel boxes and birds in cages. Dogs and cats must have up-to-date vaccination records.”
“On high speed lines (Catamarans), small pets are allowed in the catamaran salon. Small pets must be transported exclusively in a carrying bag designed for the transport of pets (transporter soft bag) of maximum dimensions 45 x 35 x 25 cm. The bottom of the bag must be watertight. The total weight of the bag with a pet should not exceed 8 kg. The bag must be kept under the seat or in the passenger’s lap during the entire journey. One passenger can only carry one bag with a pet. Large pets are only allowed if the technical conditions on board are met (special boxes).”

Where can I buy tickets for the Jadrolinija ferry?

Jadrolinija has sales points in all the ports. If you don’t want to hassle with buying the ticket at the port, you can also buy tickets online for most ferries.

Can I bring my bicycle on the Jadrolinija ferry or catamaran?

On the car ferry, you can bring your bicycle, you will need to buy an adult ticket for it. On catamarans / fast ferries, bringing a bicycle is not possible.

How much luggage can I bring on Jadrolinija ferry?

On car ferry lines luggage up to 100 kg is allowed, on catamarans / passenger only ferries, the free luggage is limited to 20 kg per person.

I am trying to buy a ticket for the car ferry, why does it say I am not guaranteed space on a specific departure?

Many ferry ports do not have a car queuing system, due to narrow streets or small ports, so cars are loaded in the order they arrived at the ferry port. That is why Jadrolinija can not guarantee you space on a specific departure.


  1. Fontaine   •  

    Is it possible to cross from Trpanj to Poce on July 19 with a car and a dog, please?
    We are three.
    If it’s possible, At what times,please?

    • Morten   •     Author

      Hi Fontaine,

      as it looks for now there should be no problem crossing from Trpanj to Ploce on the 19th of July, neither with dog nor with car, you of course have to follow the guidelines of Jadrolinija when bringing a dog. The timetable for the 19 of July you can see by using the search form above.

      Kindest regards

      Team FerryCroatia

  2. Sharon Cannings   •  

    Are Jadrolinija running the car ferry between Split and Vela luka? I can’t seem to be able to book any tickets on any websites at present?

    Kind regards

    • Morten   •     Author

      Hi Sharon,

      yes Jadrolinija is running the car ferry from Split to Vela Luka, there is a departure 10:15 (10:45 Tuesday and Thursday) and a second departure at 17:30 from Split. You can book a ticket on Jadrolinija site.

      Kindest regards,



  3. kb   •  


    Can you bring a car on the ferry from Dubrovnik port to Hvar at the 7am slot? Also the website does not have tickets available online to purchase for this time. Are they available at the port?

    Thank you

    • Maja   •  


      on the 7:00 am departure provided by Jadrolinija that you’re referring to operates a catamaran that doesn’t transport vehicles.
      When you click on “Buy” on the desired departure, you should be able to see how many available tickets are left. If you don’t have the “Buy” option for that date, it might be that all tickets are sold.

      Best regards,
      FerryCroatia Team

  4. Keri   •  

    Hello, We are two adults and a 2 year old traveling on the 11AM from Split to Hvar on June 24th. We have one 26kg luggage, 1 small baby stroller (the size of a carry-on bag), and 1 personal item each (backpack/purse). Do we need to purchase/pay to bring our luggage?

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Keri,

      yes, the free luggage is limited to 20 kg per person. The price of extra luggage is 30 kuna per piece.

      Best regards,
      Ferry Croatia Team

  5. Maja Simonič   •  

    Dobar dan ga. Maja,

    zanima me, dali vozi trajekt na liniji Dubrovnik-Bari 16.08.2021 i kako može da se kupi karte?
    Dali može da se kupi on-line na ovome linku
    Najlpša hvala na odgovoru!

    • Maja   •  

      Poštovana Majo,

      prema trenutnim informacijama, trajekt će prometovati navedenog datuma, no red plovidbe podložan je promjenama uslijed situacije s koronavirusom.
      Najjednostavniji način je da karte kupite direktno na službenoj stranici Jadrolinije.

      Ferry Croatia tim

  6. Ewa Beit   •  

    Where can I buy tickets online for a round trip Dubrovnik-Lopud

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Ewa,

      you can buy the tickets directly on Jadrolinija’s official website.

      Best regards,
      Ferry Croatia Team

  7. Hannah Gamble   •  

    If I buy a 2 tickets for a 4pm crossing (split/Hvar) for 1st Aug but am able to make an earlier slot (flight arrives at 12.35 split and I’m unsure how long customs is taking currently) will the tickets be valid for an earlier crossing?

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Hannah,

      since Split – Hvar route is operated by catamarans, you can use the ticket for the exact departure, it won’t be valid for any other departure on that day.
      However, since the departure point is located right next to Split Old Town, this can be a good opportunity to see the main sights in Split such as the Diocletian’s Palace 🙂

      Best regards,
      Ferry Croatia Team

  8. John   •  

    hello I’m trying to book a ferry from Dubrovnik to havr for sept 22. Do you guys not operate in sept?

    • Dino   •  

      Hello John,

      There is a fast ferry (catamaran) service available for September 22nd. The catamaran departs from Dubrovnik port at 16:00h, and arrives to Hvar at 19:10h.
      You can use this link to see the departure and book a ticket directly.

      Best regards,
      FerryCroatia Team

  9. Vic   •  

    i cannot book the ferry on line from Drevnik to sucuraj with a car.Can anyone help as to how to book?

    • Morten   •     Author

      Hi Vic,

      we do not yet have car ferry tickets online, but will soon. Currently you can only buy ticket at the port or on the website of Jadrolinija



  10. Rachelle   •  

    I am wanting to travel from Croatia to Split. Is there a limit on luggage allowed? I know there will be a fee, but is there a limit?

    • Maja   •  

      Hi Rachelle,

      on the official website, Jadrolinija doesn’t state the maximum luggage allowed on ferries and catamarans.
      They only state when the total weight exceeds 200 kg, the transport price is charged for every 100 kg of weight.
      According to that, they should allow a large amount of luggage.
      But to be on the safe side, if you have additional questions regarding luggage, I suggest contacting Jadrolinija directly.

      Best regards,
      FerryCroatia Team

  11. Luc   •  

    Hello, I want to organize a bicycle trip in Croatia with my friends for next year, we would be about 10 cyclists with bicycles. In my target itinerary we would take several ferries, but all would be Jadrolinija car ferries, as I understood they take bicycles: Trpanj-Ploce, Makarska-Sumartin, Supetar-Split, Split-VelaLuka, Korkula-Orebic. QUESTION: is there a limit on number of foot passengers+bicycles on these car ferries ? I would prefer to buy tickets in advance before flying to Croatia, is it possible ? If not, can we buy tickets at an office in Dubrovnik for all crossings at the beginning of the trip ? Or can we without risk get to the ferry and be sure there will be a place for our group ?
    Thank You very much for your reply !

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Luc,

      the current schedule of Jadrolinija lines is valid for the rest of this year, so it is a little bit too soon to book your tickets, especially if you plan to travel next spring/summer.
      Anyway, as soon as Jadrolinija announces their schedule for 2022, it will be available on our website by using our search form for each line. Also, once the schedule is out, you are able to book all your tickets easily. Of course, you can always buy tickets at the ports before departures. But you cannot buy a ticket/tickets for all the routes at one ferry port.
      Regarding the limits, there are no stated limits for foot passengers in car ferries. However, on catamarans, you are not allowed to bring a bicycle.
      Hope this is helpful.

      Best regards,
      Ferry Croatia Team

  12. Areli   •  

    I am trying to book a ferry trip for December 22, 2021 from Bari to Dubrovnik, but I can’t purchase a ticket online. Does anyone know if Jodralinja is operating on this day or how I can go about purchasing a ticket for this route on this day? Do we need our passport and covid test to enter the country from Italy?

    Thank you!

    • Maja   •  

      Hi Areli,

      unfortunately, there are no departures on the line Bari – Dubrovnik during this period of the year. This ferry line is seasonal and operates during the summer only.

      FerryCroatia Team

  13. Andree Poirier   •  

    Hello, we have booked online car ferry tickets from Split to Supetar for tomorrow May 31. At time of booking, we had to pick a time (we picked 14:15 pm). But on the ticket we printed it doesn’t show a time. Just Electronic ticket #5416413-1012 (Split-Supetar May 31).
    I see now that you added more times, we would like to take the 16:30 pm as we are not sure if we would make it on time for 14:15. Would it be possible to change the time please?
    Your answer today would be very much appreciated. Thank you

    • Maja   •  

      Hi Andree,

      Generally, when buying a ticket on Ferry Croatia, you can use it only for that exact departure.
      However, there are exceptions such as in your case when you can use it for the next departure on the same date.

      Ferry Croatia

  14. Makaela Looney   •  


    I booked the 7am ferry from Dubrovnik to Hvar for two people on 20th June and the next day I got an email stating this trip has now been cancelled. I visited the company website and tickets are no longer available until the 24th June. Can you please advise if you have heard anything about this disruption? I would have thought June was high season and morning ferries would be operating daily. I am now unsure what is the best way to get to Hvar and what is the earliest I can get there.


    • Dino   •  

      Hello Makaela,

      Unfortunately, the Jadrolinija carrier does not start with that 7 am departure before 24th of June.
      Right now, the earliest departure to Hvar is at 3:15 pm, by the carrier TP Line. You can book tickets here.

      Ferry Croatia Team

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