Split ferry port

Split ferry port

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and the biggest city on the Adriatic coast considered the capital of the region Dalmatia. The ferry terminal in Split is the main passenger port in the whole of Croatia so it’s well connected to many Croatian islands and even Italy.

Besides ferries, there are many catamaran lines that depart from Split towards the islands. The ferry terminal in Split is located only minutes away from the exciting historic city centre where you can enjoy visiting the sights in the old Diocletian’s palace. It is also close to some of the famous beaches. 

The main bus and train stations are literally across the street from the ferry terminal which makes it perfectly connected with other European and Croatian towns.

Getting to the Split ferry port

If you’re staying in Split and if you want to reach the islands of Brač, Šolta, Hvar, Korčula, Vis and so on, here is how you get to the ferry terminal from some popular parts of the town.

If you’re staying in the old part of the town, the only way to reach the ferry terminal is to walk there (around 10-15 minutes) since the cars are not allowed in the Diocletian’s palace.

If you’re staying in Veli Varoš, it’s pretty much the same thing. There is a main promenade by the sea called Riva between Varoš and the ferry terminal and there are also no cars allowed there. So you’ll have to walk (20-25 minutes) or you can take a taxi in the end of the promenade. It might cost you around 60-70 kn (8-9 euros) since it has to go all the way around the centre to reach the ferry terminal.

If you’re staying on Bačvice, the ferry terminal is really close. If you’re with luggage, the easiest way is to take a taxi that will take you to the ferry terminal (it won’t cost you a lot since it’s not a big distance).

Feel free to find other things to do in Croatia, while you’re at it.

Split terminal building

If you’re staying on Meje, you can also take a taxi in front of you apartment/hotel directly to the ferry terminal, which might be a good idea especially if you’re with luggage. You can also take buses number 12 or 21 (depending where on Meje you are staying) that will take you up to the bus stop in the end of the promenade by the sea. From there, you can take a taxi to the ferry terminal (it has to go around a little bit, since there are no cars allowed on the promenade) or you can walk there (15 minutes).

The ticket for the local buses is around 11 kn = 1.5 euros bought on the bus.

If you’re staying in Omiš, Podstrana or Stobreč, the bus number 60 will take you to the green market, minutes away from the ferry terminal. The ticket to Omiš costs around 20 kn = 2.5 euros and a little bit less for Podstrana and Stobreč.

If you are staying in Trogir, the best way is to take a direct bus to the main bus station in Split (across the street from the ferry terminal). The ticket is around 20-30 kn ( 3-4 euros).

You can also take a bus number 37 that passes through little villages along the coast (Kaštela). The bus stops little bit outside of the centre on the bus station SUKOIŠAN (not the main bus station!), so from there it’s best to jump on the bus number 60 and get out at the green market.

All the buses run from early morning to late evening and there are pretty much frequent. Please note, that tickets are a little bit less expensive if bought on the kiosk.

If you’re arriving from Trogir, Omiš, Podstrana, Stobreč, etc. you can also organise a private transfer.

Split airport to the ferry terminal

The airport of Split is around 25 km away from the Split ferry terminal. Once you land, you can take a pre-booked transfer (which will cost you around 32 euros), take a taxi (that will take you directly to the ferry terminal and it will cost you around 45 euros) and there are also shuttle buses running from the airport towards Split. The direct bus stops at the main bus station that is across the street from the ferry terminal. The one-way ticket is around 35 kn = 5 euros.

NEW: Now it is also possible (Provided there is no COVID) to take a fast ferry from the airport to Split centre, which is an amazing way of arriving in Split, timetable from Airport to Split and timetable from Split to the Airport.

There is also a bus number 37 that passes through little villages along the coast (Kaštela). The bus stops a little bit outside of the centre on the bus station SUKOIŠAN (not the main bus station!), so from there it’s best to jump on bus number 60 and get out at the greenmarket (minutes away from the ferry terminal). The ticket for bus number 37 is around 27 kn = a little less than 4 euros.

However, if you wish to reach the ferry terminal, this bus might not be suitable, so we highly advise you to take the direct shuttle bus which will take you to the main bus station across the ferry terminal.

If you want to read more about transportation from the airport to the ferry terminal, you can click here.

From cities in Croatia to Split ferry terminal

Split is very well connected with most Croatian and some European destinations by regular or seasonal bus lines. As mentioned above, the main bus station in Split is located literally across the street from the ferry terminal.

To see the exact location, please click on this link here:

You might also want to choose to travel by car. As soon as you enter from Split from either north or south, taking the highway or the coastal road, you will see the sign for the centre and the ferry terminal. All you have to do is follow it and it will get you directly to the ferry terminal.

Split ferry port facilities

Like already mentioned, it’s one of the biggest Croatian ports, located almost in the town centre and the main promenade (Riva), so it’s obvious that you can find all kinds of facilities there or nearby. On the ferry terminal itself you can find a few tickets offices, a post office, a few ATM-s, all kinds of shops, stands with souvenirs and stuff for the beach, bars, restaurants, fast-foods etc. If you need more, you can always walk to the city centre where you’ll find everything you might need for your holiday.

Split ferry port location

Gat Svetog Duje 1

21000 Split

GPS co-ordinates: 43. 502910, 16.440749

Map of Split Port and Town

Catamaran, ship and ferry routes from Split

Car ferries from Split:

→ Split – Supetar (Brač)
→ Split – Stari Grad (Hvar)
→ Split – Rogač (Šolta)
→ Split – Vis
→ Split – Vela Luka (Korčula) – Ubli (Lastovo)

→ Split – Ancona
→ Split – Ancona (SNAV)

Catamarans from Split:

→ Split – Milna (Brač) – Hvar
→ Split – Hvar  – Korčula
→ Split – Hvar  – Vela Luka (Korčula) – Ubli (Lastovo)
→ Split – Hvar  – Prigradica (Korčula) – Korčula
→ Split – Bol (Brač) – Jelsa (Hvar)
→ Split – Rogač (Šolta)
→ Split – Milna (Brač) – Hvar – Korčula  – Mljet – Dubrovnik
→ Split – Milna – Hvar (town) – Vis
→ Split – Brač (Bol) – Makarska – Korčula – Mljet (Sobra) – Dubrovnik

Other vessels routes from Split:

→ Split – Slatine (Čiovo) – Trogir (ship)

Timetables in alphabetical order:

Split – AnconaSplit – BolSplit – Drvenik Mali
Split – Drvenik VelikiSplit – DubrovnikSplit – Jelsa
Split – KorculaSplit – MakarskaSplit – Milna
Split – MljetSplit – RogačSplit – Seget Donji
Split – SlatineSplit – Stari GradSplit – Supetar
Split – TrogirSplit – UbliSplit – Vela Luka
Split – VisSplit-HvarSplit – Zadar

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the ferries leave from in Split?

All ferries leave from the Split Port (Trajektna Luka Split), which in the center of town, you can not miss it as the port is quite big.

How many ferry ports are there in Split?

Split has 1 ferry port, which has 25 berths, the port is located in the center of town and can not be overlooked.

How early should I arrive at Split Ferry?

Depends on the following factors, 1. Are you traveling by foot or by car 2. What time of the year are you traveling? If you travel in the Summer season by foot, you should be at the port 30 minutes before the departure, if you travel by car minimum of 1 hour prior.  In the winter season 15-20 minutes before the departure

Where is the ferry terminal in Split, Croatia?

The ferry terminal is located in the center of town, next to the bus and train station. If you arrive at Split by car, you have signs to follow to the port.

Map of Split Port (berths and ticket sales points)

This is a map of Split of Port, the catamaran usually depart and arrive at the berth number 6 (6a, 6b, 6c) and (11a, 11b, 11c) this is the blue number 6 and 11 you see on the map, tickets sale is orange icon number 4

Map Port Split

Text and photos by Morten Smalby a travel Nomad living in Split Croatia