Liberty Lines

Liberty Lines is an Italian fast ferry / catamaran company, formed in 1993 as Ustica Lines in Sicily. The company is one of the largest high-speed maritime transport companies in the world, having ferry routes in Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Croatia. In 2011, the company’s branch Trieste Lines started operating catamaran routes to Istria. Today, Liberty Lines offers several lines connecting Italy to Croatia. Istrian towns Rovinj and Porec are connected with Trieste and Piran (Slovenia), while there’s also another line connecting Mali Losinj and Trieste. As for the company’s fleet – currently there are 32 boats in service – hydrofoils, fast catamarans and single-hulled vessels. They can board anywhere between 200 and 350 passengers. 

Liberty Lines FAQs

Where can I buy tickets for Liberty Lines fast ferries / catamarans?

Tickets can be bought online and at designated travel agencies located in ferry ports. It’s advisable to book your ticket online, especially during summer season, when there’s an increase in passenger traffic. Before boarding the catamaran, passengers will have to undergo check-in procedure, which is done on board by company staff.

Is the ticket valid for specific departure time or for any departure in the day?

Booked ticket is valid only for the selected departure time. If you wish to change the date/time of your departure, you will need to contact the company to do so. Note there’s a fee you will need to pay in that case.

How early should passengers arrive at the port?

As always, it’s advisable to be there as soon as possible, but no later than 30 minutes before the departure. There are more passengers boarding in the peak season, so beware of that.

How much luggage can I bring on board?

Each passenger can bring one piece of luggage on board for free, but the size of the bag/suitcase has to be up to 60x40x20cm. If your luggage size is bigger than these dimensions, you’d need to buy a separate luggage ticket.

Can I bring my bike on board?

Here’s the excerpt from company’s policy regarding bikes:
We are sorry but due to the limited spaces on our vessels, we cannot accept bikes or any other type of (small) transport. However, as an exception to this rule, we will accept lexi-bikes, without batteries and enclosed in their appropriate security bag.The bike will be considered as luggage. 

Can I bring my pet on board?

It’s possible to bring your pet on board, but you will need to buy a special “Animal” ticket. Small animals must be kept in their carriers/cages for the entire duration of the journey. Medium and large-sized animals must be muzzled and leashed. The company has a right to request medical certificates stating the animal’s good health.



  1. Simon

    What is the address of the ferry terminal in Trieste for destination Rohinj?

    • Maja

      Hi Simon,

      I suggest you type the following address into your Google maps: Punto Franco Vecchio, Molo IV, 1, 34132 Trieste TS, Italy
      It will show you the exact location of the ferry terminal in Trieste.

      Ferry Croatia Team

  2. Chris

    What is the address for departure of the Porec to Trieste ferry?

    • Maja

      Hi Chris,

      all ferries in Porec depart from Obala Maršala Tita. If having trouble finding your ferry, we suggest you ask a local or someone working at the rental stands along the coast.

      Ferry Croatia Team

  3. Kathleen Flynn

    What is the names of the ports where Liberty Lines docks from Trieste to Rovinj?

    • Maja


      In Rovinj, the port is located in the old town, and the pier is the longest one you will notice. It is also locally called The Big Pier (Veliki Mol).
      In Trieste, the port is also located near the old town but it is a lot bigger, Liberty Lines ferries depart from Molo 4.

      Ferry Croatia team

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