Island Sestrunj

Island Sestrunj is another small Island in the Zadar archipelago, the Island is located about 15 km air distance from Zadar, between Island Rivanj and Dugi Otok, About 50 people live year around on the Island, so it is for sure not a crowded place, the only settlement is Sestrunj which is more or less in the center of the island. The island is about 15 Km2 and has a length of 7-8 km and a width up to 2 km.

The island has two small ports, one at the eastern side and one on the south western side of the Island, the ports are 1 to 1.5 km from the Sestrunj settlement. The Island is connected to the mainland and other islands via car ferry and catamaran.

Getting to Island Sestrunj

Car ferry route 433:  Zadar – Rivanj – Sestrunj – Zverinac – Molat sails to and from Sestrunj daily in the summer period, in the winter season up to 4 times a week, the sailing time from Zadar to Sestrunj is 1 hour 30-50 minutes. Here you can see timetable of the car ferry:

Zadar – Sestrunj Molat – Sestrunj Sestrunj – Rivanj
Sestrunj – Zadar Sestrunj – Molat Rivanj – Sestrunj

Catamaran route 9404:  Brbinj – Bozava – Zverinac – Sestrunj – Rivanj – Zadar sail to and from Sestrunj every day year round, expect for on a few public holidays, the sailing time from Sestrunj to Zadar is about 1 hour, timetable for catamaran connection you can see here:

Sestrunj – Brbinj Sestrunj – Bozava Rivanj – Zverinac
Brbinj – Sestrunj Bozava – Sestrunj Zverinac – Rivanj

Price Ferry Zadar Sestrunj

A one way ticket with the car ferry from Zadar to Sestrunj cost 28 kn in the summer and 24 Kuna in the winter, the price with the catamaran is 40 kuna / 20 Kuna, if you are bring a car it will cost you from 160 Kuna one way.