Drvenik Mali ferry terminal

Drvenik Mali is an island located southwest from Trogir. The ferry terminal is situated on the eastern side of the island, connected by regular ferry lines with Trogir, Seget Donji and Drvenik Veli and by seasonal lines even with Split.

Getting to and from the ferry terminal in Drvenik Mali:

Since Drvenik Mali is a really small town and the island is not big in general, no matter where your accommodation is, you can reach it by foot from the ferry terminal, but if you should have much luggage, you can always ask your landlord if he can arrange transportation.

What you can find on Drvenik Mali ferry terminal:

As already mentioned, Drvenik Mali is a very small island town where the ferry terminal is located right in the centre, all the town facilities are nearby: bar, restaurant, shop, etc.

Address of ferry terminal Drvenik Mali:

  • Longitude: 16.089841
  • Latitude: 43.450385
  • 21225 Drvenik Mali

Drvenik Mali ferry port

List of ferry routes to and from Drvenik Mali:

Ferry / Ship: Split – Trogir – Seget Donji – Drvenik Mali – Drvenik Veli