Prvić Luka ferry port

Prvić Luka is a little village located on the east side of the island of Prvić in the Šibenik archipelago. The port in Prvić Luka is located at the entrance of a deep bay, well protected by it. Since Prvić Luka is a small town, everything is really close, so the town centre is only minutes away, you can easily walk there (it is also the only way, since there are no cars on the island).

The island itself is not big, so theoretically it’s possible to explore it even on foot, or you can rent a bike to enjoy its beautiful hidden bays or to visit the other village on the island – Šepurine.

Getting to and from the port in Prvić Luka:

No matter where your accommodation is in Prvić Luka, the port is easily reachable on foot. The cars are not allowed on the island, so it is also the only way.

There are two ways of getting to Prvić Luka – taking a ship from Šibenik or from Vodice.

The nearest airport to Šibenik is the airport of Split located at around 50 km from Šibenik where you have to take a ship to Prvić Luka. Once you land, you can take a taxi or a pre-organised transfer directly to Šibenik.

The nearest airport to Vodice is the airport of Zadar located at around 60 km from Vodice (around 10 km from Zadar). Once you land, you can take a pre-booked transfer or take a taxi directly to the port of Vodice where you have to take a ship to Prvić Luka.

What you can find Prvić Luka port:

As already mentioned, Prvić Luka is a really small island town located on a really small island. There are not many facilities there, but those that exist are located right near the port.

Address of port Prvić Luka:

  • Longitude: 15. 800241
  • Latitude: 43. 723751
  • 22233 Prvić Lula

Prvic Luka ferry port

List of ferry routes to and from Prvić Luka :

→ Ship: Šibenik – Zlarin – Prvić Luka – Šepurine – Vodice