Veli Iž catamaran port

Veli Iž is the “capital” of the island of Iž, located on the northeast side of the island. It’s also a catamaran port, connected by regular catamaran lines to Mali Iž, the island of Rava and Zadar. The pier where the catamaran departs from is located in the town centre, in a near bay near the promenade by the sea.

Getting to and from Veli Iž port

The travel time with the catamaran from Zadar old town port to Veli Iž i about 1 hour,  once you arrive on the island you can easily reach your accommodation on foot. If you are staying elsewhere on the island, you should ask your landlord for the best way to get from the catamaran port to your apartment/hotel.

Veli Iž port facilities

As Veli Iž is a small island town where the catamaran port is located right in the center, you can find some facilities nearby: restaurants, bar, shops, etc.

Veli Iž port location

  • Longitude: 15.109712
  • Latitude: 44.050375
  • 23284 Veli Iž (Iž)

Veli Iz catamaran

List of catamaran routes to and from Veli Iž

→ Catamaran: Zadar – Mali Iž- Veli Iž – Mala Rava- Rava