Žirje ferry terminal

Žirje is an island in the Šibenik archipelago and the main port is located in the town of Žirje, on the north-west side of the island. The ferry terminal is located in a narrow bay overlooking the island of Kakan. So it’s obviously well protected from the wind and the waves.

Getting to and from the ferry terminal in Žirje:

The car ferry from Sibenik to Žirje has a travel time of around 1 hour 40 minutes, the catamaran about 20 minutes less, once arrive on the island, you can walk to all the apartments located in the bay, if you are staying elsewhere on the island, ask your landlord if he can arrange for transportation from the port.

What you can find on Žirje ferry terminal:

As already mentioned above, Žirje is a very small town where the ferry terminal is located right in the centre. Obviously, most of the town’s facilities are near the ferry terminal: bars, restaurants, shops…

Address of ferry terminal Žirje:

  • Longitude: 15. 655973
  • Latitude: 43. 662231
  • 22236 Žirje

Zirje ferry port

List of ferry and catamaran routes to and from Zirje:

→ Car ferry: Šibenik – Zlarin – Kaprije – Žirje

→ Catamaran: Šibenik – Kaprije – Žirje