Drvenik → Sucuraj Ferry

Drvenik Sucuraj , 2023-03-23

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07:30 Drvenik
0h 35m
08:05 Sucuraj
2 HRK per passenger

11:00 Drvenik
0h 35m
11:35 Sucuraj
2 HRK per passenger

13:45 Drvenik
0h 35m
14:20 Sucuraj
2 HRK per passenger

17:15 Drvenik
0h 35m
17:50 Sucuraj
2 HRK per passenger

19:00 Drvenik
0h 35m
19:35 Sucuraj
2 HRK per passenger

22:10 Drvenik
0h 35m
22:45 Sucuraj
2 HRK per passenger

Please Note: Operating ferry company reserves the right to alter sailing times. We do our utmost to ensure the accuracy of the information provided here on Ferrycroatia, but is recommended to check all schedules/timetables with the operating ferry company.

Map travel route Drvenik - Sucuraj

The ferry route between Drvenik and Sucuraj is the fast connection to Island Hvar, the sailing time of the route is only 35 minutes, the routes which is operated year-round by Jadrolinija has quite frequent departures, in July and August there are up to 11 daily departures, in June and September up to 10 and in May and October up to 8 daily ferries, rest of the year there is up to 7 departures.


FAQ Drvenik to Sucuraj ferry

Is it better to take Drvenik to Sucuraj or Split to Stari Grad ferry?

The advantage of the Drvenik – Sucuraj ferry route is that it is faster and much cheaper than the Split – Stari Grad route, but depending on where you come from on the mainland and where you are going on Island Hvar you also need to calculate the road travel time to and from the ports.

Can I buy a ticket for a specific departure?

No, unfortunately not, you can only buy a ticket valid for any departure on the day, at the port in Drvenik, cars are loaded in the order they arrived at the port.

I am a foot passenger who needs to go to town Hvar, is the ferry Drvenik – Sucuraj a suitable option?

Not really, from Sucuraj you have 75 km to Hvar town, and there are only a few buses, so it will be a hassle to travel across the island.

Is there a return ticket discount?

No there is no return ticket discount, so if you are also travelling back from Sucuraj to Drvenik you will simply pay two times the price of a one-way ticket.

What are the other options for travelling by ferry to Hvar from the mainland?

In terms of car ferries only other option is from Split to Stari Grad, in terms of Catamaran you have connections from Split to Jelsa, Split to Hvar town and Dubrovnik to Hvar town.

2023 Drvenik to Sucuraj Ferry Prices

Below you can see the summer price list for the car ferry from Drvenik to Sucuraj, the foot passenger price for the catamaran is 3,19 € one way.

It often happens that people travelling by, car or bus get a bit confused about how to calculate the price, so here are a few examples

Car with passengers

If you are e.g. 3 adults and a regular car going on the ferry, the price calculations for one-way tickets are the following, car (Less than 5 meters in length, and two meters in height) = 16,46 € + 3 adults (3 * 3,19 €) = 9,56 €, so in total, your price will be 26 €. As there is no discount for return tickets the round trip price will be 52 € or roughly 17,25 € per person.

Bus with passengers

For a bus the way of calculating is different,  if you have a bus with space for 30 people and 22 passengers, the price is 64,24 €, which includes the bus and the passengers!

Sucuraj - Drvenik 2023 Ferry Prices

Sucuraj – Drvenik 2023 Ferry Prices