Dubrovnik to Lopud

If you are staying in Dubrovnik and you are looking for a nice sandy beach, the place to go is the Sunj beach on Island Lopud, which is located about 7 km from Dubrovnik. You can get there with one of several daily ferry departures, the driving time with the ferry is about 1 hour. Please note that although some of the departures are with a car ferry, there is NO option to bring your car to the island, as loading and offloading cars in Lopud is not possible. When you have finished your tanning, you just grab one of the ferries from Lopud to Dubrovnik, the latest ferry back is around 8 pm.

The line is operated by Jadrolinija company and the regular price is about 4 EUR.

Dubrovnik Lopud , 2023-10-06

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09:00 Dubrovnik
1h 25m
10:25 Lopud
3 EUR per passenger

Car Ferry
10:00 Dubrovnik
0h 55m
10:55 Lopud
3 EUR per passenger

14:00 Dubrovnik
0h 55m
14:55 Lopud
3 EUR per passenger

16:30 Dubrovnik
0h 55m
17:25 Lopud
3 EUR per passenger

20:00 Dubrovnik
0h 55m
20:55 Lopud
3 EUR per passenger

Please Note: Operating ferry company reserves the right to alter sailing times. We do our utmost to ensure the accuracy of the information provided here on Ferrycroatia, but is recommended to check all schedules/timetables with the operating ferry company.

Map travel route Dubrovnik - Lopud

If you are not too much into tanning, but just want to explore, you should not return to Dubrovnik once you have seen Island Lopud, but take the ferry from Lopud to Island Kolocep and spend some time exploring that island before you return with the ferry from Kolocep to Dubrovnik.

In June, July, August and September there are about 10 daily ferry departures between these two destinations, and 4 daily departures between the two islands, Kolocep and Dubrovnik.

Alternative to arranging a trip from Dubrovnik to Lopud on your own, there are also several tours from Dubrovnik, the most popular being the 3 Island tour, the boat tour includes shorter visits to Island Lopud, Island Kolocep and Island Šipan