Porec to Venice Ferry: Find tickets and timetable here!

Porec to Venice Ferry is a fast ferry available from May to the beginning of October, during the main season there are up to 12 weekly departures, the route is operated by ferry company Adriatic lines.

Venezia lines used to operate on this route until 2024.

Porec to Venice Ferry Times

The crossing from Porec to Venice is 58 NM (107 Km) and takes about 3 hours. As passengers have to pass by border control and customs, it is recommended that you are at the port in Porec 1 hour before the scheduled departure, also it is recommended that you confirm the departure time with the ferry company one day prior to the departure.

Porec Venice , all stations, 2024-06-26

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Please Note: Operating ferry company reserves the right to alter sailing times. We do our utmost to ensure the accuracy of the information provided here on Ferrycroatia, but is recommended to check all schedules/timetables with the operating ferry company.

Map travel route Porec - Venice , all stations

Porec-Venice Ferry tickets and prices

There are 3 different types of tickets, one way, return, and a day trip ticket.

  • The one-way ticket is the one you need to buy if you are transferring from Porec to Venice, this ticket includes the crossing as well as one piece of checked luggage (Suitcase) and hand luggage up to 10 kg. As an alternative to the fast ferry, it is possible to take a bus from Porec to Venice, bus driving time is about 4 hours.
  • The return ticket is the one you need if you wish to stay overnight in Venice for one or more days, the same rules as for the one way ticket apply for the luggage allowance.
  • Day trip ticket: This ticket is the most popular ticket type, the ticket is for those who want to experience Venice in one day, the ticket includes the return ferry trip and a 40-minute guide walk in Venice, plus some hours on your own. Except for a small handbag, no luggage is included in this ticket type.

TIP: If you are staying in Porec and later plan to go to Pula (or Rovinj) you could combine the outgoing leg from Porec to Venice and with the return leg from Venice to Pula, you would still get the return ticket discount, and at at the same time save the transfer from Porec to Pula in Croatia. (NOTE this is not possible with a day trip ticket)

The price for a one-way ticket ranges from 74 to 84 Euro, depending on the season. Often the ferry companies have discount tickets e.g. family or early bird tickets.

Prices don’t include Venice City tax.

Ferry Porec to Venice FAQs

How long is boat trip from Porec to Venice?

The boat trip from Porec to Venice lasts approximately 3 hours.

Can you do a day trip from Croatia to Italy?

It is possible to do a day trip from Croatia to Italy. More specifically, it is possible to do a one-day trip from Porec to Venice with a day trip ticket offered by ferry companies. There is also a 40-minute guide walk included in this type of ticket.

Can I travel by car on Porec to Venice ferry?

There are no car ferries available from Porec to Venice. All types of ferries operating on this route are passenger-only ferries.

Where in Porec is the departure point for Porec to Venice Ferry?

Where in Porec is the departure point for Porec to Venice Ferry?

Where can I buy a ticket on the ferry Porec to Venice?

Tickets for ferry can be bought in offices of the companies operating on this route, but if you want to buy ticket in advance there is an option to buy tickets online for all ferries operating on this route.

Does the ferry on this route have a toilet?

Yes, there are toilets available on Porec to Venice Ferry.

Facts about this ferry route:

Travel Time3 Hour
Distance58 Nautical Miles (107 Km)
Ferry CompaniesAdriatic lines
Departures in the winter0
Departures in the summerUp to 12 Weekly
Ticket PriceAbout 74-84 Euro

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