Ferry Prizna – Zigljen

Ferry Prizna – Zigljen is the fastest and shortest ferry route to Pag Island. It takes only 15 minutes to reach Zigljen, and with up to 21 daily departures during summer, it’s one of the most frequent ferry routes in Croatia.

In the peak season, ferries depart approximately every hour, from 4:00h to 23:45h. Zigljen is one of three ferry ports on Pag, with the others being Novalja and Lun. For everyone travelling to Pag from the northern parts of Croatia, taking a ferry from Prizna could be a good idea, as it saves significant travel time due to the island’s position. 

Prizna Zigljen , 2024-07-19

Boarding in Prizna

Ferry port in Prizna is pretty simple – there’s no building at place, and there’s only one small caffe bar nearby to pass the time. Therefore, you’d need to wait in the line before boarding the ferry. During summer season, there can be heavy traffic jams, due to the fact there’s only one small and narrow road which leads to the boarding area. That is why we recommend arriving at the port as early as possible. Ferry line is operated by Jadrolinija, and it’s currently the only ferry route departing from Prizna. 

2024 Prizna to Zigljen Ferry Prices

Below you can see the summer price list for the car ferry from Prizna to Zigljen, the foot passenger price for the catamaran is 4,12 € one way.

It often happens that people travelling by, car or bus get a bit confused about how to calculate the price, so here are a few examples

Car with passengers

If you are e.g. 3 adults and a regular car going on the ferry, the price calculations for one-way tickets are the following, car (Less than 5 meters in length, and two meters in height) = 17,36 € + 3 adults (3 * 4,12 €) = 12,36 €, so in total, your price will be 29,72 €. As there is no discount for return tickets the round trip price will be 59,44 € or roughly 19,81€ per person.

Bus with passengers

For a bus the way of calculating is different,  if you have a bus with space for 30 people and 22 passengers, the price is 69,02 €, which includes the bus and the passengers!

Prizna – Zigljen 2024 Ferry Prices

Prizna – Zigljen 2024 Ferry Prices

FAQ Prizna Zigljen Ferry

How to get to Prizna port?

Prizna is located on the Adriatic Highway, so if you’re travelling by car, it shouldn’t be a problem getting there, since the highway is one of the most used roads in Croatia. For everyone travelling by bus, there are several routes to Prizna: Zagreb to Prizna, Rijeka to Prizna, Split to Prizna, Senj to Prizna.

How to get around Pag Island when arriving in Zigljen?

Upon arrival at Zigljen port, you’ll notice there are no facilities around. Therefore, if you’re travelling on foot, it’s best to prearrange a taxi or transfer to Novalja, Zrce beach and other locations on the island. Walking to these destinations could take you several hours.

How early before departure should I be at Prizna port?

As mentioned before, a traffic jam on the way to the port is usual during the summer season. Therefore, getting to the port early is highly recommended. Arriving there 1 hour before departure is minimum, and 1-2 hours is even better.

Can I buy a return ferry ticket?

Yes, if you plan on getting back from Zigljen to Prizna, it’s possible to buy a return ticket online. There’s no discount for a return ticket, and the same rules apply as for a single ticket – boarding the ferry at a specific time is not guaranteed with a bought ticket.