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The ferry route from Ancona to Split is the most important sea connection between Italy and Croatia. The line has been running daily for years, only interrupted by special circumstances like the coronavirus in 2020. The route from Ancona to Split is operated by 2 ferry companies, the Croatian company Jadrolinija which operates the whole year and the Italian ferry company SNAV which operates on the route from April to October. In the summer season, there are up to 10 weekly departures from the two companies in total.

The ferry crossing from Ancona to Split takes between 9 and 11 hours with the car ferry, the majority of the departures sail overnight. If you would prefer to travel during day time, check out the connection from Ancona to Zadar, as this route has a few more daytime crossings.

Ancona Split , 2023-10-06

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19:45 Ancona
11h 15m
07:00 Split
69 USD per passenger

19:45 Ancona
11h 15m
07:00 Split
per passenger

Operational intervals
24.08. - 30.10.
05.07. - 30.07.


Car Ferry
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Please Note: Operating ferry company reserves the right to alter sailing times. We do our utmost to ensure the accuracy of the information provided here on Ferrycroatia, but is recommended to check all schedules/timetables with the operating ferry company.

Map travel route Ancona - Split

Boarding in Ancona

As travelling from Ancona to Split is travelling from Schengen to the non-Schengen area, you will have to pass passport control and custom before you can board the ferry, so If you are a foot passenger you should be at the port at least 1 hour before schedule departure if you are travelling by car you should be at the port 1 hour 30 minutes before. 

The ferry does not have a fixed pier, but it usually is moored at the Molo Santa Maria or the pier after that one, anyway, there are usually not that many large ferries, so it should not be a problem to locate the ferry.

On the ferry Ancona to Split

The ferry ticket includes seating in a deckchair, but as mentioned most of the ferries sail overnight, so you might want to buy a more comfortable sleeping option.

The cheapest sleeping upgrade is a reclining chair, a more expensive option is a cabin which is available for 2 to 4 persons, with or without WC and shower. 

On the ferry there is a restaurant, you can pre-purchase lunch and breakfast buffet or buy it onboard, also on the ferry there is a coffee bar and children’s play corner.

2022 Ancona to Split Ferry price

In the summertime, a regular adult ferry ticket from Ancona to Split costs 528Kn (V), for children under 12 regular tickets cost 303 Kn (V), while children under 3 are free of charge. There is a 20% return discount.  Pets can be transported for a fee of 40 Kn.

Have in mind that special prices are applied on some dates.

AKCIJA – 22.05. – 28.07. & 29.08. – 02.10.2022. Adult AKCIJA price is 363 Kn, while AKCIJA price for children is 262 Kn.

NISKA (N) – 02.01. – 20.05. & 03.10. – 31.12.2022. Adult NISKA (N) price is 483 Kn, while NISKA (N) price for children is 292 Kn.

For an average-sized car (up to 5 m in length) the regular summertime ferry ticket will cost 709 Kn. Special prices are applied on the same dates as for passenger tickets, and you can check them below.

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