Zadar to Krk

Currently, there are no ferry services available on the route from Zadar to Krk. 

Previously, the route was operated by a GV Line catamaran Antonija, with one departure per day available two days a week. The full line included stops at Silba, Rab, Krk and Rijeka. The ferry line is interrupted in 2022.

Although a popular route on the Croatian coastline, there are no carriers providing departures at this moment. However, if the Zadar – Krk ferry route starts operating in the future, we will be sure to provide you with updated information on our website. 

In the meantime, you can consider travelling from Zadar to Krk with alternative options. Travelling by bus is the most convenient alternative to the ferry. It can be done by taking a bus from Zadar to Rijeka and then from Rijeka to Krk town. In the case of both bus lines, there are multiple departures available. Information about timetables and tickets can be found on the links.

Zadar Krk , 2023-03-23