Zadar to Molat

Getting to Island Molat is not a problem, as there is a car ferry from Zadar to Molat which operates year round, this is also the case with the fast ferry / catamaran. The sailing time with the catamaran is less than one hour, the sailing time with the car ferry varies from 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the sailing route. Both departures are operated by Jadrolinija, please note that the departure time from Zadar varies depending on the weekday.

Zadar Molat , 2021-11-29

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11:00 Zadar
14:00 Molat
3 EUR per passenger

11:00 Zadar
0h 50m
11:50 Molat
4 EUR per passenger

Please Note: Operating ferry company reserves the right to alter sailing times. We do our utmost to ensure the accuracy of the information provided here on Ferrycroatia, but is recommended to check all schedules/timetables with the operating ferry company.

Map travel route Zadar - Molat

FAQ Zadar – Molat ferry

Does the car ferry sail directly between Zadar and Molat?

No depending on the weekday, the car ferry stops at all or some the following island on the way, Rvianj, Sestrunj and Zverinac.

Where on Island Molat does the ferry and catamaran arrive?

Both car ferry and catamaran sail to Molat town on Island Molat, but the catamaran also continues to Brgulje and Zapuntel.

We want to bring our dog to Island Molat is that possible?

Yes if you travel with the car ferry you can bring the dog, if you follow Jadrolinija’s terms

Is there any benefit in buying a return ticket?

No, in fact you can not buy a return ticket, if you are travelling back from Molat to Zadar, you will have to buy a one way ticket for that connection, of course you can buy both one way tickets online up front.

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Price ferry Zadar to Molat:

The price for travelling from Zadar to Molat as a foot passenger is 28 Kuna on the car ferry, and 40 Kuna on the catamaran, both prices are seasonal prices. In the winter the prices are 23 and 20 Kuna.

If you are travelling by car to Island Molat, you have to pay for your car according to the price list below and for the passengers.As and example a one way ticket with a regular sized car and two adults cost 160 kuna + 2 * 28 Kuna, in total 216 Kuna.

Zadar - Molat ferry price