Zadar to Novalja

The fast ferry from Zadar to Novalja on Pag Island is currently operated by a catamaran from the Jadrolinija ferry company. The catamaran operates once per day, departing from Zadar at 4:30 pm every day except on Sunday when it departs at 4:00 pm. The catamaran is arriving at Novalja at 5:30 pm and continues further to Veli Losinj.

The travel time for the entire sailing route Zadar – Novalja takes about an hour.

The ferry from Zadar to Novalja has been a popular route for those going to the many festivals.

As an alternative to the ferry, another way of travelling from Zadar to Novalja on Island Pag is to take the bus from the Zadar bus station.

Zadar Novalja , 2024-06-26

2023 Prices for Zadar to Novalja catamaran

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Zadar to Novalja Ferry FAQs

How long is the ferry route from Zadar to Novalja?

The sailing time between these two destinations takes up to 1.5 hours.

Can I take my bike on the ferry?

All departures are operated by catamarans/fast ferries. On catamarans operated by Jadrolinija, you can not bring your bike.

Can you reserve a seat on the ferry from Zadar to Rijeka?

No, you cannot reserve specific seats. However, as Zadar port is the starting location of the catamaran, you should be able to get seats next to each other if you are early in line at the port. Usually, if you are at the boat 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure, you should be able to get good seats.

Do you need to buy the ticket in advance for the ferry from Zadar to Novalja?

The ferry Zadar to Novalja is popular in the summer and a part of the fast ferry line Zadar – Novalja – Veli Losinj – Rab – Rijeka. Therefore, Novalja is only the first stop on the way to Rijeka, so you can expect a lot of passengers. So, if you wish to board a specific departure, you should definitely buy the ticket in advance, either online or one day before at the port.

Is there a toilet on the catamarans?

Yes, all the catamarans have toilets.

Are there catering services on the catamarans?

Yes, each of the catamarans has a kiosk/bar, where you can buy, coffee, drinks, and snacks.

Can I re-book my ferry ticket?

Each of the catamaran companies has separate policies, from ticket amendment and cancellation, so you will have to check with them.

How much luggage can I bring on the catamaran?

You can bring one large suitcase (up to 20 kg, but nobody checks the exact weight :-)), plus a handbag/backpack. The suitcases are stored in the catamaran racks, so keep your valuables and electronics in the handbag.