Brgulje ferry port

Brgulje is another little town on the island of Molat in Zadar archipelago, located little bit west from the town of Molat. It has a little catamaran port with regular lines between Brgulje, Zapuntel and Molat, the island of Ist and Zadar.

Getting to and from the catamaran port in Brgulje:

The only Sea connection to Brgulje is a catamaran from Zadar, which also stops in Molat, Zapuntel and on Island Ist, the sailing time from Zadar is around 1 hour.

Brgulje is a really small island town where you can enjoy a peaceful holidays. No matter where you’re staying, the pier where the catamaran departs from is not far, so it’s easily reachable on foot.

What you can find in Brgulje catamaran port:

As already mentioned above, Brgulje is a small island settlement, so you won’t be able to find many facilities there.

Address of catamaran port Brgulje:

  • Longitude: 14.839244
  • Latitude: 44.225423
  • Brgumul
  • 23292 Brgulje

Brgulje ferry

Catamaran routes to and from Brgulje:

Catamaran line: Zadar – Molat – Brgulje – Zapuntel – Ist

Brgulje – Zadar Brgulje – Molat Brgulje – Zapuntel Brgulje – Ist
Zadar – Brgulje Molat – Brgulje Zapuntel – Brgulje Ist – Brgulje