Town of Pag

Certificates of excellence for island Pag’s landlords

On December 17th, the certificates of excellence were issued to Island Pag’s landlords within the Pag Outdoor project. The project’s aim, which started in 2020, is to develop a new product in the sphere of active tourism that will attract visitors throughout the year. 

With this, island Pag, already known for its food, beaches and natural beauties, will conquer a new share of the tourist market. 

The project is well on its way, said Ana Žunić, a website is being made, biking trails are designed, the signalization is standardized and many more things are yet to come. 

The sister project’s (Pag Bike&Bed) goal is to promote and capacitate accommodation units for bikers. 

The certificates of excellence are awarded based on strict criteria grouped in these categories:

  • Renting, repairing and transportation of bicycles and other equipment
  • Informing about the tourist offer of Pag island
  • Washing and drying clothes
  • Personalized nutrition

The landlords whose accommodation units meet all of these criteria were awarded plaques with one, two, or three stars which are a certificate for their preparedness for the next tourist season. 

The landlords of island Pag have acknowledged the potential of this project and have joined in enthusiastically.

Three stars go to these landlords:

    Apartments Ostrea, Novalja

    House Ana, Novalja

    Apartments Luci & Kety, Lun

    Lostura Apart Hotel&Mobile Homes, Novalja

    Villa Franči, Pag

    Hotel Intermezzo, Pag

    Villa Natura, Mandre

Two stars go to:

Apartments Tolo, Novalja

Apartments Vegas, Novalja