Dubrovnik to Sobra

If you are looking to catch a ferry from Dubrovnik to Mljet there are a few things you should know. First of all between Dubrovnik and Mljet, there are passenger-only ferries or catamarans as we usually call them. Secondly, on Mljet Island there are 3 ports, Sobra, Polace and Pomena all 3 have a connection from Dubrovnik, so you should check which one is the better in relation to your accommodation on Mljet, or even better pick the ferry first and then accommodation, otherwise, you might have to spend quite a bit on a Taxi to move between the places. If you continue your travel e.g from Mljet to Hvar or Mljet to Lastovo, it is also wise to check the departure port for those catamarans before selecting your accommodation on the Island.

Dubrovnik Sobra , 2024-02-26

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14:30 Dubrovnik
1h 20m
15:50 Sobra
5 EUR per passenger

Operational intervals
01.01. - 30.05.
30.09. - 31.12.


TP Line S
Please Note: Operating ferry company reserves the right to alter sailing times. We do our utmost to ensure the accuracy of the information provided here on Ferrycroatia, but is recommended to check all schedules/timetables with the operating ferry company.

Map travel route Dubrovnik - Sobra

Catamaran routes from Dubrovnik to Mljet island

The following catamaran lines are licenced to operate between Dubrovnik and Mljet Island

Krilo Kapetan Luka: Dubrovnik – Pomena – Korcula
Krilo Kapetan Luka: Dubrovnik – Pomena – Korcula – Hvar – Milna – Split
TP line: Dubrovnik – Luka Šipanska – SobraPolače – Korčula – Ubli

The first 2 lines are seasonal lines that operate from May/June till Sep/October, the last line operates the whole year-round.

You can check the departures between Dubrovnik and Sobra above, and here you can check catamaran from Dubrovnik to Pomena, and finally here from Dubrovnik to Polace.

Below we have selected and answered some of the questions we got from other travellers.

2024 Dubrovnik to Mljet Catamaran Ticket price

The ferry costs between 8,36€ – 16€ in the summer season, depending on which departure you take.

The cheapest tickets are for the lines operated by TP line as these are subsidised state lines, they cost 8,36€ during the summer. There is no return ticket discount, so if you are also travelling back from Mljet to Dubrovnik, you will have to buy a regular one-way ticket for that trip also.

Krilo Kapetan Luka routes from Dubrovnik to Pomena cost 16€. 


How long is the ferry?

The sailing time from Dubrovnik to Sobra (Mljet) is about 1 hour and 20 minutes

Can I travel by car from Dubrovnik to Mljet?

Yes, there is a car ferry sailing between Prepratno and Sobra, the car ferry is quite frequent. (Prapratno is located on the Peninsula Peljesac)

Can I bring my dog to the catamaran?

Yes, it is possible if you follow the guidelines provided by the ferry operator, the first three catamaran routes are operated by Krilo Kapetan Luka, you can see their guidelines here. For the catamaran operated by TP line, you can see the terms for the pets here.

Can I take my bike on the ferry?

On the departures operated by Krilo, it is possible, but you need to buy a ticket upfront (online) for the bicycle. Note there is only space for a few bikes so don’t wait too long.

How much time before departure should I be at the port in Dubrovnik?

Embarkation usually starts 30 minutes before departure. As there is free seating on all the ferries, you should be there early if you need aligned seats for more people.

Is the ticket for ferry Dubrovnik to Mljet valid for all departures?

No, the ticket reservation is not possible. The ticket is valid only for the selected departure (note that a refund for the other ticket is not possible on the travel day).