Smokvica Korcula

Korcula Island – Smokvica residents get free composters for recycling

Residents of a small village called Smokvica, on Korcula island, recently got themselves free composters for recycling. In total, 250 composters were shared to the local community, along with the instruction manuals. Smokvica town administration said they’re hoping this action will decrease the amount of waste generated in the municipality. 

The composters are financed by both Smokvica municipality and The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, which is a part of one of the Ministries. The Fund also provided another town on the island, Vela Luka, with financial support. They received money for getting the municipal waste management equipment. In 2020, Vela Luka applied for public competition for receiving the funds, which they eventually received. By applying, they asked to get: 2 Rolo containers, 200 composters with a volume of 280 liters, 50 composters with a volume of 350 liters, 10 composters with a volume of 1170 liters. The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund announced the winners of the competition in June.

Based on the competition results, all the equipment was ordered in September 2020. Rolo containers are intended for recycling, while composters are delivered to all the interested parties in Smokvica, Korcula. Total value of the equipment is about 30.000 Euros, out of which 60 percent was financed by the Fund, while Smokvica municipality added the remaining 40 percent.

Source: Pokret Otoka

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