Hvar Island

New projects continue to develop on Hvar island

A couple of new projects have started developing on the Hvar island. First one is called the Educational Trail Purkin Kuk. Total value of the project is about 45 thousand Euros, which will be fully financed by the European Fund for Rural Development. The trail is situated on the hill above Dol sv. Marije village, with a spectacular view of the Stari Grad town, as well as islands Solta and Brac.

In the western part of the ridge there is a 40 meter long, 6 meter high tumulus, which makes it the largest historical remains on the entire Hvar. There are even some historical records about it, dating back to the 1st century D.C. It is presumed that the remains had some kind of ritual meaning. Another possibility is that Greeks built small fortresses on its southern entrance. Anyhow, the trail and the remains are one of the most popular sights on the island, which is why it’s important that they will be rebuilt and reconstructed.

Another project which will partake regards sustainability of Hvar island. The island should become self-sufficient by 2035, which is no surprise considering there are over 2700 sunny hours each year, with an average temperature of 16,2 Celsius. Three power plants should be installed on the island, in towns of Hvar, Jelsa and Sucuraj. One of the plants will be Solar power plant Gdinj, in Jelsa. That is why locals who own the terrain in Jelsa where the plant would be located, are in talks with investors about further development of the project.  The main goal of the talks is that no person involved ends up abandoned. 

This project will ignite similar opportunities on Hvar, like development of water supply and tourism. The parcels where the power plant is supposed to be have over 700 owners, which is why these talks are of great importance. 

Sources: Slobodna Dalmacija

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