Dawn on Krk island

Pag and Krk islands improving their hiking and cycling trails

Due to the pandemic, the Islands of Pag and Krk work on their outdoor offer for the upcoming season and their visitors.

Arrangement of an educational trail on Pag island

The project of arranging the educational trail in the Special Reserve of Forest Vegetation “Dubrava-Hanzine” in Pag is in progress. According to the Natura Jader Public Institution, the project envisages sporadic removal of plants in order to ensure unimpeded and safe passage for visitors. Five rest benches will be set up on the section of the educational trail.

The benches will be made of wood. In addition, information and educational boards will be set up on the section of the educational trail route. All panels will be made of harmless materials and the structures for laying the panels will be made of wood as well.

On the already existing natural areas, it is planned to arrange wooden viewpoints. There will also be tables and benches made of natural materials. Along the northeastern edge of the area, towards the sea, a wooden fence up to 1 m high will be built to ensure the movement of visitors and prevent movement towards the sea.

The main purpose of the educational trail will be to educate and inform the public about forests, sustainable forest management for forest protection and nature. The project will prevent further penetration of wild roads and paths and appropriately mark already existing ones.

Through the implementation of the project, the forest will be more accessible to end-users and specific parts of the forest ecosystem will be highlighted, i.e. the value of the Special Forest Vegetation Reserve “Dubrava-Hanzina” will be highlighted.

KrkBike e-bike rental system has started working again

The KrkBike e-bike rental system has started operating again, with the task of improving the tourist and traffic infrastructure of the island of Krk, i.e. raising the quality of life of the islanders and branding the island as an eco-destination.

This is a project realized thanks to the investments of all seven local governments of the island of Krk and the Municipal Company Ponikve Eko Otok Krk d.o.o. and with the support of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia and the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency.

In the city of Krk and in all island municipalities, bicycle rental stations have been built consisting of a control cabinet, 10 stands with e-bikes and benches for charging laptops or mobile phones and repairing the bikes themselves. All e-bike rental systems are interconnected so that the e-bike can be rented at one location and returned at another. The advantage of such a concept is the connection of the entire island and the networking of all municipalities and the city of Krk into one whole.

E-bikes can be rented for a fee of HRK 20.00 per hour, by payment with a credit card. The rental process itself is simple and is done with the help of the mobile application Go2Bike, which also controls certain functions of the electric bicycle, such as its locking.

The rental is done only by scanning the QR code from the bike. After the sound signal, the bicycle is unlocked and ready for use, and after riding and returning to the stand, it is locked again with the sound signal. Also, any of the bicycles rented anywhere on the island can be returned to their own, as well as any other charging station included in this island project, upon completion of its use. However, if all the stands are occupied, the bicycle can be returned by locking it in the immediate vicinity of the station.

Source: Otoci.eu, Otok-Krk.org