Town of Novalja on Pag island

Pag Island – Novalja is getting a solar power plant worth €10 million

Right after the end of the tourist peak season, Lika-Senj County will become richer for another extremely valuable energy facility, a solar free-standing photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 25GWh of electricity per year. 

Its location will be in the sunniest part of the largest Croatian county, in the area of Novalja town, on the island of Pag, while the value of the works is 10 million euros.

It is a project of the company RP Global which also realized wind farms Danilo in the hinterland of Sibenik as well as Rudine in the Dubrovnik littoral. When it comes to the production of electricity from solar renewable energy, the Novalja power plant is their first project of this type in Croatia.

In order to meet all legal preconditions, the Amendments to the Spatial Plan of Lika – Senj County were carried out by urgent procedure, for which a financing agreement was signed. The most important thing in these contracts is to improve the conditions for the construction of solar parks, i.e. to increase the percentage of maximum coverage of the terrain with solar panels from 25-50% of the building plot area.

It is still difficult to talk about concrete figures, but we hope that in the years to come we will talk about three-digit megawatts and millions of euros of investment.


And last but not least, the investment should bring the local government about 250,000 kuna a year. Although, it is far more important that in this way Novalja shows that it is fully oriented towards maximum respect for the environment as well as the fact that it sees its future in the greatest possible use of energy from renewable sources. In addition to increasing the general quality of life of its population, this type of energy supply is the only possible direction if you want to be a desirable and responsible tourist destination in the future.