Unije Island – Seafront damaged, but ferry services keep operating

Divers examined the construction of the Unije seafront, and they determined that there is no danger for ferries to arrive at the port, so traffic can continue as usual. Examination had to be done to ensure the passengers’ safety. Damage on the seafront happened because of the strong wind, which temporarily stopped the regular ferry service Unije – Mali Losinj, which connects Unije with Losinj Island.

Sea levels went up to 5 meters on the “outside” part of the seafront. However, due to the muddy sea, it was not possible to determine if any of the seafront blocks collapsed. If it did, ferries would be unable to dock at the port. Port authorities of Mali Losinj sent the divers on the spot immediately, so they can determine whether ferry lines can continue or not. Exploration was done on Tuesday, the only day in the week when the catamaran on route Mali Losinj – Cres – Rijeka doesn’t arrive in Unije. 

Mali Losinj Port Authority also sent a statement about the damage:

On September 1st 2020, in the early morning hours, a small boat named CODIF, flying under the Sierra Leone flag, got untied from the waterfront. Strong western wind managed to take away the boat 25 meters from the shore, on the secondary concrete pier. The boat only leaned on the coastal wall, and did not strand. Therefore, no contact between any kind of dangerous chemicals and sea happened. Port Authority, which is amenable for Unije port, and is its main investor, did everything necessary to prevent further damages on said area. By examining the area, we’ve concluded that the concrete plate with a volume of 2.5-3.5 meters, collapsed due to the harsh and continuous shock waves. To ensure the safety of passengers and locals, we’ve organized a diving examination, which concluded that ferries can safely dock at the port, and regular ferry and catamaran lines can continue as before.

Mali Losinj Port Authorities

Source: Novi List

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