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Zadar Port Authority to renew three ferry ports in 2021

Unlike other Port Authorities in Croatia, the one in Zadar will remember 2020 as a successful year. They’ve renovated 5 ports which fall under their jurisdiction: Mrljane on Pašman Island, Silba Žalić, Pakoštane, Vinjerac and Božava on Dugi otok. In 2021, three additional ports will be reconstructed, Tkon, Drage Dugovača and Kali Batalaža.

Here is the brief summary of all the projects which were done last year:

  • Renewing the ferry terminal concrete walls in Mrljane port, total worth of project 79.000 €
  • Removing the shipwreck from Mrljane port, total worth of project 15.000 €
  • Total renovation of Silba Žalić port, total worth of project 130.000 €
  • Remediation of Pakoštane port, total worth of project 237.000 €
  • Renovation of Vinjerac pier, total worth of project 460.000 €

The first of the three projects in 2021 is renovation of the Tkon ferry port. Two new docks will be built, which will enable easier boarding of vehicles. Nearby parking lot will be built too. The goal of this project is to improve the quality of the ferry route Biograd – Tkon. Total value of the project is about 4.2 million €. The second project is extending the Drago Dugovača port, which will then be able to accommodate both regular-sized ferries and smaller tour boats. The project is worth about 3.2 million €. The third project is planned on Ugljan island, at Kali Batalaža port. The new coastal wall will be built, extending the coastal area of the port. Project is valued at 150.000 €.

Source: Morski.hr

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