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Bol Tourist Board celebrates its day, announces tourism results

Bol Tourist Board was founded in 1954, making it the oldest tourist board on Brac Island. This year, due to the pandemic, celebration was cancelled. Employees now have to analyse results from the finished season, and see if there was something that could’ve been done better. Postseason in Bol town was definitely a disappointment. Even though it was expected that season would extend into September and October, that did not happen. When it comes to Bol, postseason accounts for almost 18 percent of the total traffic, while March, April and May make out for 8 percent and June 15 percent.

Data from Split-Dalmatia County says that Bol recorded 35.873 arrivals in the first nine months of 2020, out of which 7.738 were domestic people and 28.135 were foreigners. When compared to the same period of last year, we can see that is 33 percent of the total traffic. As for the overnight stays, in the first 9 months of 2020 there were 222.351 stays, while in 2019 that number was 583.790, meaning that traffic for this year is at 38 percent. These results are pretty mediocre when compared to previous years. 

In 1965 Bol received a “Adriatic Champion” award as the best destination in the Adriatic, among locations in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. In 2015, Bol was recognized as the best small tourist destination in Croatia. That was the last year the town received any tourist award. In September 2020, the town recorded the worst numbers out of all locations on Brac Island. There were only 10 percent of last year’s arrivals to Bol and 12 percent of stays when compared to September 2019. Part of the problem could be that there are less and less pebble beaches on the island, lack of dog beaches and not enough space on Bol promenade. 

Source: Brac Danas

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