Ugljan island

Preko municipality gets free WiFi service

Small village of Preko on Ugljan Island recently got their first free WiFi service. The municipality received a financial support of about 15 thousand Euros, for developing their wireless internet service. All the money came as part of the WiFi4EU project, and recently all the required equipment was installed, and the network started working.

WiFi access points are located in ten different locations. One is set up in the municipal building in Preko, two access points are next to the Preko post office, while another one is in the Preko Tourist Board building. Other access points are in the Jaz bay, followed by one in the Ugljan Tourist Board building and the last one is next to the Sonik store in Ugljan. WiFi4EU project ensures that locals and visitors get high-quality internet access in the public areas on the island. The main goal of the project is to install more access points, which will ensure a better life of Preko residents. The total value of the project is about 15 thousand Euros, all of which were given by the European Fund for connecting facilities. 

WiFi4EU is an initiative by European Commision, which promotes installation of free WiFi services in indoors and public spaces like parks, squares, buildings, libraries, health centres, museums etc. by giving towns 15.000€ vouchers to install all the required equipment. That way communities will be more involved in the digital market, end users will have access to faster internet, digital literacy and public services will be upgraded. This news is especially important for everyone travelling to Ugljan Island, especially in the summer, when several daily ferries arrive at the Preko ferry port.

Source: Nasi Skolji

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