Bol - Brac

Brac Airport predicts optimistic 2021 season

Brac Airport is preparing for the summer season in which the recovery of the tourism sector and air traffic is expected. Croatianaviation asked Mr. Peović, the director of Brac Airport, about the airline plans related to Brac island.

Brac Airport has had two routes of the Croatian national airline, Croatia Airlines, for years. It is a domestic line between Zagreb and Brac island, which operates twice a week in the summer timetable, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, which will also operate this summer season.

In addition, on its long-term charter line Graz – Brac, Croatia Airlines plans to resume operations from mid-May to early October. This is the same program that the company has implemented in cooperation with tour operators in previous seasons.

The Czech company CSA also operated charter flights to Brac, which has not yet announced its flights for this year, but as this is a charter, the company has enough time to do so. It is clear that the realization of the charter primarily depends on the sale of package deals, sales for the summer season are difficult and booking will start only with the arrival of spring and the eventual easing of restrictive measures.

New carriers on Brac island

What was announced earlier is still in the implementation plan for the summer ahead. German Sundair plans to introduce charter flights from Berlin and Dusseldorf, on Saturdays and Sundays, from early May to late October.

There will be another airline on Brac this summer. Charter flights from Bern and Graz will be operated by Great Dane Airlines, in the postseason, from September to October. The company will operate an E195 aircraft towards Brac island, which has a capacity of 118 passengers with this carrier.

TUI is unlikely to return this season

In the summer season of 2017, TUI introduced two charter lines to Brac, from Brussels and Deauville, while in the summer flight schedule in 2018, a third line was introduced; Rotterdam – Brac. The airport has not yet received information from TUI regarding operations for this summer, so it is not certain that TUI will operate to Brac this year.

In the summer of 2018, Luxair introduced the Luxembourg – Brac line, but last year it did not operate for objective reasons. Mr. Peović confirmed that the airport is currently negotiating with this airline and they hope that Luxair will make a decision on the re-introduction of the route as early as this summer.

Mr. Peović also points out that there are announcements of a change in the ownership structure of the hotel group on the island of Brač, which is expected to have synergistic positive effects on Brac Airport, but only in the 2022 season.

Considering the announced traffic for this summer season, Brac Airport will be satisfied with 70% of passengers compared to the figures from 2019!