Lošinj island

Mrtvaška port on Lošinj to be reconstructed

The director of Mali Lošinj Port Authority, along with representatives of TEXO MOLINOR and Costruzioni Mentucci companies, have recently signed a contract regarding the project called Expansion of the ferry port Mrtvaška on Lošinj island.

The said project is valued at over 10 million euros, it is mostly financed by the European Union, and represents the largest ferry port reconstruction in Primorsko-Goranska county. The project will see the coastal construction spanning to 125 meters. Along with it, an additional area of 90 square meters will be built, as will the 90-meter pier. Two ferry ramps (RO-RO) will also be installed. The existing pier will be removed, and on its place will be built another one, aimed at non-commercial boarding of boats. The new pier will shield the boats from extreme weather conditions, which will mean better security for maritime transport to Lošinj island. Also, it is predicted that more ferries will arrive at Mrtvaška.

The main goal of the project is to expand the ferry port area, decrease the journey time to Lošinj, increase the safety of passage and to better connect Lošinj island with the mainland (Zadar – Šibenik – Split) and surrounding islands (Rab and Pag). The project is planned to be done by 23 November 2023, and the work starts in February.

Sources: Morski.hr

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