Brestova – Porozina

The ferry route Brestova – Porozina is the optimal car ferry connection when you arrive from Italy, Slovenia or Istria and are travelling to Island Cres, Island Losinj and it can could even be used if you are travelling to Island Krk, the crossing with the ferry takes only 20 minutes. From the ferry port Porozina on Cres, you have 25 km to town Cres and if you are continuing to Island Krk you also have about 25km to drive to get to Merag. Driving distance to Mali Losinj is about 80 km. If you are traveling to Cres from other parts of Croatia, the easiest way of getting to the Island is via Krk Island and the ferry connection Valbiska to Merag.

Brestova Porozina , 2021-10-23

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06:30 Brestova
0h 20m
06:50 Porozina
2 EUR per passenger

07:30 Brestova
0h 20m
07:50 Porozina
2 EUR per passenger

09:30 Brestova
0h 20m
09:50 Porozina
2 EUR per passenger

11:30 Brestova
0h 20m
11:50 Porozina
2 EUR per passenger

13:30 Brestova
0h 20m
13:50 Porozina
2 EUR per passenger

16:30 Brestova
0h 20m
16:50 Porozina
2 EUR per passenger

18:30 Brestova
0h 20m
18:50 Porozina
2 EUR per passenger

19:30 Brestova
0h 20m
19:50 Porozina
2 EUR per passenger

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Map travel route Brestova - Porozina

Boarding in Brestova

Brestova ferry port is basically a road leading to the boarding area. On site you can find an ATM and a small buffet. Other than that, you’ll see yourself spending most of your time waiting in line to board the ferry. Ferry line is operated by Jadrolinija, and there are up to 11 daily departures during the summer season. Good news for everyone going to Brestova by busbus arrives right to the boarding area. For everyone going to Porozina by car – make sure to get to the port on time, due to the summer traffic jams.

Price ferry Brestova Porozina

Ferry tickets to Porozina are fairly cheap, with adult tickets going for 18 Kuna in the high season, and 15 Kuna in the offseason. If you’re traveling with children ages 3-12, ticket price is 50% cheaper. Car ferry tickets depend on the vehicle size – 115 Kuna for regular-sized cars and 214 Kuna for cars longer than 5m and taller than 2m. For other prices in the summer season, please look at the end of the text for more details.

FAQ Brestova Porozina ferry

How early before departure should I be at Brestova port?

As with most of Croatia’s ferry ports, it’s best to arrive there on time. During summer season, ferry ports get crowded, so we recommend arriving at least an hour and a half before departure. Furthermore, Brestova port has only one access road to the port, so it’s definitely worth coming early.

How to get around Cres Island, if I’m travelling on foot?

Upon arrival to Porozina, you have a few options to get around Cres. If you’re not travelling by car, probably the best option is to book a bus ticket. There are several bus lines departing from Porozina: Porozina – Mali Losinj, Porozina – Nerezine, Porozina – Osor. It all depends on your final destination on the island. Alternatively, you could arrange for a taxi or a transfer pickup from Porozina.

Can I bring my dog on a ferry?

Yes, pets are allowed on the ferry, but under certain regulations given by Jadrolinija. Make sure to read through all the rules and regulations. Also, dogs are not allowed into closed passenger areas. 

Can I buy a return ferry ticket?

Yes, if you plan on getting back from Porozina to Brestova, it’s possible to buy a return ticket online. There’s no discount for a return ticket, and the same rules apply as for a single ticket – boarding the ferry at a specific time is not guaranteed with a bought ticket.

Is there any other route to Cres if I’m not travelling with a car?

If you’re travelling to Cres Island on foot, then the alternative option is taking a passenger-only catamaran Rijeka – Cres or Rijeka – Martinscica, depending on which part of the island you’re trying to reach.

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