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Dubrovnik builds terminal for cruise ships, Orebić gets a new ferry port

There are two new constructions undergoing in the area of Dubrovnik-Neretva County – the new terminal in Dubrovnik built for cruise ships and a brand new ferry port Perna in Orebic on Pelješac peninsula.

Port of Dubrovnik to become a home port?

After the city administration completed the purchase of shares in the Port of Dubrovnik two years ago and thus confirmed 48% ownership, proceedings began before the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure to change the decision on the concessioned area and expand the existing concession area to the cruise terminal area.

All the necessary documents for the expansion of the concession area have been prepared, and a week ago the legal framework for the expansion of the concession area was agreed upon with the Ministry. With this decision, the Port of Dubrovnik gains significant value. At the same time, after the construction of the terminal for cruise ships, it is possible for Dubrovnik to become a home port.

The City of Dubrovnik claims that this is a successful end to the story for the Port of Dubrovnik which was threatened by a serious threat to business that by some chance another company won the concession for a terminal for cruise ships, as it was conceived by the former city administration. By doing so, the Port of Dubrovnik would be in business trouble, and the City of Dubrovnik would lose its permanent right to manage cruise tourism, the City warns.

Project for the construction of the port of Perna in Orebić

The port of Perna will be directly connected with the new port of Korcula at the location Polačište and the realization of these two projects will certainly contribute to a better connection of our islands.

Along with the port of Perna, the project of the Orebić bypass will be realized, which will ultimately solve the crowds in the center of Orebić and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of this municipality.

Let us remind that the port of Perna is one of the nine port infrastructure projects in Dubrovnik-Neretva County worth more than 700 million kuna, which is largely funded by the European Union.

Source: Morski.hr, Korcula.online