Jadrolinija ferry

Jadrolinija is procuring another used ferry

A public procurement of a Ro-Ro passenger ship with an open deck for transporting vehicles, up to 50 meters long and 17 meters wide, with a capacity for transporting at least 200 passengers and 35 cars, and not older than 20 years has been announced. It is a smaller ship for which Jadrolinija has pointed out an estimated value of HRK 5.7 million, and they will collect bids until May 7.

The last in a series of public debates, especially in the circles of domestic shipowners and shipbuilders, about Jadrolinija’s policy to modernize its fleet with used ships instead of building new ones, has not yet subsided, and the state shipowner is already purchasing a new used ship.

In addition to the best price for the final decision, of course, if there are more offers, the points that will bring the age of the ship will be important, i.e. more points will bring a smaller number of years.

With the last “reinforcement”, the Lošinj ferry, which was bought in Russia at the end of last year and refurbished in Kraljevica, and was built in 2010, the fleet of the national shipping company has been rejuvenated and its average age is currently 28.5 years.

The most important step expected in the further renewal of the fleet is the replacement of the legendary ferry Lastovo, the oldest in the fleet, for which a project was prepared and construction is expected, and in the local shipyards they hoped to get the job.

However, according to the latest information, for the successor of Lastovo, which is significantly larger than the ship for which a tender has now been announced, the search will be organized on the used boat market.

The position of the Management does not deviate from even after all criticism that the design and construction process takes a long time, at least three years, and that the market can find quality and tested ships that meet the ever-higher environmental standards set at the EU level.

Source: Morski.hr