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A ferry from Zadar and Rijeka might seem a bit strange as both locations are on the mainland, nevertheless it actually makes sense. Here is why: 

The shortest land driving distance between the cities is 220 Km, which is via the coastal road, this is a beautiful but long lasting trip, the buses from Zadar to Rijeka, in some cases follow this route in other cases they take the longer route via the highway, in either case the driving time is at least 4 hours in some cases even more than 6 hours.

The sea distance between Zadar and Rijeka is about 160 km, although the fast ferry do not sail directly but stops on Island Silba, Island Rab and Island Krk on the way, it still only has a sailing time of 4 hours and 10 minutes, so round about the time as the fastest bus makes the trip. 

Zadar Rijeka , 2021-11-29

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16:05 Zadar
4h 10m
20:15 Rijeka
per passenger

Operational intervals
01.06. - 30.09.


G&V Line Iadera
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Map travel route Zadar - Rijeka

Other arguments in favor of the fast ferry

  • Delays due to traffic rarely occur on the sea 🙂
  • Taking a sailing trip is usually expensive, here you get it as part of your transfer from Zadar to Rijeka, you even get to see some beautiful Islands and the mainland coast from the Sea!
  • You can stop over for a day or two on one of the Islands.
  • On the catamaran you can buy refreshment and snacks during the trip.

Note:  The catamaran can of course also be used if you travel from Rijeka to Zadar, the same arguments as above apply!