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Kolocep Island to get new port and ferry to Dubrovnik

A new project called “Reconstruction of a ferry port in Donje Celo – Kolocep” has been presented recently. Total value of the project is about 3 million Euros, and it will give the island a new, modern dock, as well as a new ferry on route Dubrovnik – Kolocep.

The County Port Authority stated that almost 85 percent of the financial support is given by the European Cohesion Fund. The other 15 percent will be financed by the state. Several years have passed since the initial idea for the new port. Additional documentation and permits had to be issued, as well as financing sources. Deadline for the project to finish is the end of 2023, but Port Authority hopes the work will be done even before that. Initial works have already started. There will be several challenges, one of them being keeping the regular ferry line Kolocep – Dubrovnik while the works are in progress. Ferry route should continue to function normally, with daily departures via Postira ferry.

The port reconstruction will ensure safe docking of the ferries, making life somewhat easier for the local community. Jadrolinija has even promised a new ferry which would connect Elafiti islands, part of whom is Kolocep, with Dubrovnik. The proposal is that the new ferry is a combination of a passenger boat and regular ferry, which would increase the overall quality of travel. In other news, Dubrovnik town will finance some of the medical equipment and personel for Kolocep ambulance. Because of the ongoing pandemic, this is surely a good news for all Kolocep residents. 

Sources: Morski.hr; Pomorac.net

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