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Krk Island – Tourists get 50% discount for COVID-19 tests

Following the instructions from Krk Tourist Board Council and Croatian Institute of Public Health, the Tourist Board has notified all the apartment owners, hotels and OPGs on Krk Island. They’ve been informed about the new program which will finance COVID-19 tests for tourists staying in Krk Town. The main goal of this activity is to lower the prices of the tests, which will subsequently help tourists stay on the island, and therefore expand the autumn and winter season.

To get the discount, tourists must stay in the Krk Town for at least five nights. Current price of the tests is about 700 Kunas (93 Euros). Therefore, guests would pay half of that amount, while the other half would be divided into three parts between Krk Tourist Board, Krk Town and accommodation owner, regardless if it’s a hotel, private accommodation or campsite. The Tourist Board and the town have already secured about 6.6 thousand Euros for the program. With this program, all the guests whose country requires COVID-19 tests in order for them to get back home, will get the discount. As mentioned above, there is a minimum stay of five nights required, which can be achieved by 31st December 2020.

The idea for this program came from accommodation owners, who keep welcoming guests to Krk Island. To be a part of the program, owners cannot have any previous debts to Tourist Board or Krk Town. In order to get the discount, guests must provide a notice or a voucher which proves they’ve been staying in Krk for at least five nights. That voucher can be given to them by the owners themselves. Everyone involved is assured these measures would expand the season on the island. Testing for COVID-19 can still be done in Krk Town, every day of the week except Wednesdays and the weekend. To take the test, one can either pay the full price, or lower price with doctor’s referral. Paying has to be done in cash on the spot, while tests will be delivered no later than 48 hours after testing.

Source: Otok Krk

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